The Forum where the Youth Inspiration and Collaboration Convert into Action

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The Impact we created to the Youth

Youth Speak Forum

Youth Speak Forum is a premier platform that brings both young and senior leaders that are hailing from a diversified cross sector together. Youth Speak is about giving opportunity to the youth opinions that can create wonders and are able to make a real world impact.

The Process of Youth Speak Forum


Top business and thought leaders from around the world are invited to share their knowledge with delegates about the chosen forum theme. This section is delivered through short and powerful talks and aim to empower the delegates to look for more opportunities and understand the impact they can make on a daily basis.


Our partner organizations engage with youth delegates to give new perspectives on issues relating to the forum theme through workshops, conversations and idea generation spaces. Youth and organizations interact, exchange opinions, and understand what is being done in the world already to address the question of the day and what can be done.


Youth delegates from diverse backgrounds after a day of inspiration and interaction , commit to make a change to the issues they connected the most throughout the day.

Upcoming Forums

Transforming Youth Transforming Sri Lanka - YSF

Youth Speak Forum organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka aligned with the concept Youth for Climate Action was mainly focused on three sustainable development goals namely, SDG 7-clean and affordable energy, SDG 12-responsible consumption and production and finally SDG 13-climate action. This became an exceptional platform that could share knowledge and acquire knowledge about the ongoing global issues. After the keynote speeches that were aligned to the theme of the day, the delegates were motivated enough to contribute in fulfilling the SDGs in the best way they can. The most significant thing was this becoming a plan of action where both AIESECers and Non - AIESECers could take part equally.

YouthSpeak Forum-January