Introduction to youth leadership: life and work balance.

To achieve the best version of youth leadership, it is highly required to balance work and life in every young leader’s life. Leadership is not just monitoring, controlling or conducting people and resources to achieve expected goals. At the same time there should be a life and work balance. If there is no balance in life and work, the young leader would not be able to perform in his or her role as wished.

What is Youth Leadership?

Youth leadership can be recognized as the practice of youth exercising authority over themselves or others. Leadership plays a vital role in a young person’s life because leadership facilitates brightening that person’s life with multiple skills and unique personality. Youth leadership provides a path to gain an understanding of a responsible position in their future lives. Through this leadership experience, the young community is motivated and tends to accept more responsible positions. Furthermore, they receive confidence as well as the ability to handle every challengeable situation in their lives. As a young leader, he or she is required to balance life and work in order to perform as an effective young leader.

What is life and work balance?

Life and work balance refers to the intersection of personal and work life of a person’s life. If we refer this to the life of a young leader, the life and work balance of him or her indicates an intersection of personal and work life of that young leader. Life and work balance is kind of a basic life skill that every young person should have. Nowadays, every young leader is dealing with a fight to maintain a balance between their personal life and work life simultaneously. Fortunately, some of them are able to maintain their personal life and work life with a good balance but some of them are unable to do so unfortunately. When the young leader is maintaining a good life and work balance successfully, he or she can perform his or her day today life activities as well as activities related to work effectively and efficiently.

How can young leaders maintain life and work balance?

In order to maintain a life and work balance, younger leaders can follow these following actions.

  •         Young leader has to do a job that he or she loves to do.

Once a young leader finds his or her favorite job, he or she tends to do that job with a fresh and motivated mind. Then it leads to reduced stress and encourages to have life and work balance.

Health condition of him/herself should be prioritized by the young leader.

Both good mental and physical health is really important for every young leader. Otherwise he or she is unable to perform duties in work and life as well as maintain a life and work balance.

  •         Take some time in the week for your hobbies rather than doing work activities all the time.

When engaging in hobbies (sports, listening to music, traveling etc), it helps to reduce the stress and recharge yourself. It stimulates to maintain a life and work balance for young leader.

  •         Find time to spend with your loved ones and care about yourself.

When you are spending the time with your loved ones, it provides you a good break from the huge stressful work. It helps to enjoy life.

  •         Set goals in your life and try to achieve them.

If the young leader has his or her own goals, it definitely shows the path to success in life. Success is not only the success in work life but also the success in personal life.

  •         Try to understand that there is no pure-perfect life and work balance. (There may be few fluctuations in            your life and work balance sometimes)

Everyone is not perfect and no one can maintain a pure-perfect life and work balance. There can be ups and downs in life and work balance.

Finally, these actions help to achieve the life and work balance for young leaders. Further, it will be a great foundation to perform his or her leadership role successfully and accomplish the expected goals in both life and work.

Positive consequences of having life and work balance for youth leadership ?

When the young leader maintains an acceptable good life and work balance, it helps to keep the peaceful mental condition of the leader, improve the productivity and quality of performance of him. Not only that, but also it facilitates the interpersonal understanding on the team as well as peer young leaders.  Therefore, the ultimate result of maintaining a good life and work balance for the young leader is he would be able to perform at his best level of leadership.

Negative consequences of not having life and work balance for youth leadership

On the other hand, if the young leader is not be able to maintain a good life and work balance, it may lead to negative  consequences. As an instance, suppose a young leader is not in a position of maintaining a good life and work balance. It adversely affects the effectiveness of his performance. It leads to feeling stressed when working. It gradually causes family conflicts as well as it will be a barrier to the relationship with the peer young leaders and the team. Therefore, finally it navigates to the path of destroying the whole life of the young leader.

As a conclusion, youth leadership is one of the keys to the success of a young person’s life. To reach excellent leadership, the young leader needs to maintain a good life and work balance in his or her life. If the young leader fails to do, it encourages negative effects. However, if he or she reaches a good life and work balance, it definitely encourages the best positive effects. Hence, youth leadership is amazing when there is a sufficient  life and work balance.

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