YouCon 3.0 – The Biggest International YouTubing and Content Creation Conference in Sri Lanka came to a successful conclusion!

YouCon 3.0 was an international YouTubing and Content creation conference which was organized by AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the third successive time. It was launched in December 2021 with international coverage and with the participation of pioneers in the YouTubing industry worldwide.

AIESEC, which is the world’s largest youth-led organization, engages in giving opportunities to the youth by facilitating them in cross-cultural internships and volunteering exchanges with the prime objective of developing young leaders. Being one of the most outstanding Local Committees in Sri Lanka, AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura was able to triumphantly pull off YouCon 3.0 by setting a new benchmark for all other upcoming initiatives.

This International Conference was organized with the aim of creating a knowledge-sharing platform for aspiring local and international YouTubers who wish to discover new arenas in YouTubing and gain new perspectives to create desirable and quality content on YouTube.While mutually aligning with SDG 08; Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform, the conference was held for four consecutive days from 2nd to 5th of December with the participation of many enthusiastic individuals from across the globe.

YouCon delivered 10 insightful sessions that covered all the ins and outs of content creation for those who dream of climbing up the ladder in YouTubing to become successful content creators in the future. The topics discussed in the conference included How to kickstart a YouTube channel for travel vlogging, Legal and monetization aspects of YouTubing, and Personal branding through YouTube as well.

In contrast to YouCon 2.0 which was a fully virtual conference, this year’s YouCon 3.0 managed to move out from the fully virtual domain of conferences to be a hybrid conference that was live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube while giving the amazing opportunity for the delegates to physically attend the sessions on the 5th of December which took place at Trace Expert City Colombo in a grand scale. The conference was graced with the presence of famous YouTube personalities including Maniya, Kaali, Kumalinda, Dinuka Wijesinghe, Ananda Priyadarshana from PCguide.lk, Soome, Manuranga and many more. 

The concluding session of YouCon 3.0 was fired up with incredible musical performances from young artists Midori Karunarathne, Siyum Sandeep, Dineth Wijesooriya, Shemil Clinson, Hesara Bandara, and Chalana Perera.  

Adding to that list of notable personalities, the local speakers who appeared throughout the first three days of the conference included Janeeth Rodrigo, Kamaj Silva, Sajeewa Dissanayake, Tharindu Vishwanath, Pasindu Jayasinghe from SL Geek, and international YouTubers, Rohan Chaubey and Priyanka Tiwari from India, TechSathi from Nepal, Dave Farina from The United States and many more.


The artists who lightened up the YouCon Studio virtual music fest included, Janith Iddamalgoda, Harshadewa Ariyasinghe, and multiple other crowd favorites.

YouCon 3.0 also managed to leap forward from the previous chapters of the YouCon history book and set records with 35+ AIESEC International Partnerships and delegates from more than 45 countries covering all 5 continents. Also, the conference was broadcasted on exceeding 70 local and international Facebook pages with the biggest delegate registrations for the 2021 AIESEC calendar year.

The event would not have turned out to be on a grand scale if not for the benevolent partners of YouCon 3.0, ‘Singer Sri Lanka’ as the Strategic Partner, ‘Closeup’ as the Diamond Partner, ‘Bizmo’ and ‘Tuti’ as the Gold Partner, ‘Nanaska’ and ‘CIMA’ Sri Lanka as Silver Partners, ‘Click to Mart’ as the Youth Partner, ‘Imperial College’ and ‘Eduko Pathways’ as Deluxe Partners followed by the generous In-Kind, health care, banner, food, and gift partners. Furthermore, ShoutOUT labs provided their collaboration throughout the conference as the SMS Gateway Partner and the event was live-streamed with the support of Eclipse Motion as the Livestreaming Partner of YouCon 3.0. 

YouCon is an initiative that has the power to make a huge impact on the Youth and that influence was clearly visible through the feedback from the delegates and by how enthusiastic they were to actively participate in the conference. The number of delegates of the event was remarkable as it represented one of the great success stories that AIESEC in Sri Lanka has ever achieved in terms of the reach for a worldwide audience.  


Looking at the massive impact it has created, it is crystal clear that YouCon 3.0 has set an international benchmark which can only be shaken by its next successive phase, YouCon 4.0! Without a doubt, the next chapters of YouCon will also continue to inspire and uplift youth to be aspiring content creators one day. AIESEC in USJ was able to set a benchmark for all events in AIESEC Sri Lanka by executing The Dream YouCon that we all have been waiting for by proving the statement, “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”. 

 Await the next chapters of YouCon to awaken the YouTuber in you!

By Dulni Wedage

Organising Committee Vice Presdient – Delegates

YouCon 3.0 – AIESEC in USJ

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