Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 across the globe, the safety of traveling has become increasingly complicated. To prevent the spreading of Corona Virus, the countries are following different measures and among them traveling has become one of the most considered section since the outbreak of Covid19 mainly occurred through traveling across the borders. If you are a traveller who is confused between whether to cancel or continue your traveling plans, it’s important for you to know the security measures, the countries have taken to prevent spreading of Covid19 domestically or globally before planning your travel.

Since most of the countries and territories in the globe are currently experiencing an active outbreak of Covid-19, the governments are advising the citizens to avoid all non-essential travels overseas considering the health risks and travel restrictions due to the outbreak of Covid19. As the security measures, some of the countries around the world are imposing strict travel restrictions. Travels and travel plans have been disturbed worldwide in large scales resulting a huge reduction in passengers and foreign outcomes. And also most of the air routes will not remain commercially viable. The options for the travelers to travel or get home has been reduced dramatically with the increasing danger. Therefore the countries are advising the citizens who have traveled overseas to consider returning home as soon as possible.

In any case, where you will have to travel from country to another country under the outbreak of Covid19, be aware that you may be placed in quarantine, be required to self-isolate. And also your travel insurance may be affected by the outbreak of Covid19. Therefore contact your travel insurer for any concerns about whether you are covered by your insurance policy for any potential Covid19 related expenses. Most importantly make sure you can access money to cover emergencies and unexpected delays in your travel plans.

The official websites of the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDCP) also provides the updated information for the travelers to plan their travels avoiding restricted territories. Most of the times, this travel guidance is provided through travel health notices which are based on the potential health risks declared by different travel destinations. These travel health notices are designed as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on the on the current situation in that particular destination.

In order to prevent the spreading of Covid 19 , nations across the globe have imposed travel restrictions internationally and locally. Below mentioned some of  the security measures which have been imposed by the countries considering the current situation of Covid 19.

On 19 March , the State Department issued the Level 4 advisory, recommending that United States citizens avoid any global travels. According to the updates given through the security measures on 20th March, in the Africa the governments of Ghana, Kenya restricted flights from all the countries and only the permanent citizens of these countries will be allowed to enter the country through airports. Morocco , Namibia and South Africa have not imposed security measures to restrict  the travelers to enter the country except the travelers from countries that have reported Covid-19 cases.

In America , the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay , Venezuela have banned the flights from Europe and Asia  while Chile, Ecuador, Salvador, Guatemala, Dominic Republic and Peru have imposed security measures globally, restricting the flights from all the countries. Canada has restricted the flights from United States while Brazil has not imposed high security measures instead Brazil government has announced the citizens to be in alert with the current conditions of Corona 19.

In Asia most importantly in Sri Lanka, The Civil Aviation Authority has declared to cease the international operations of Jaffna International Airport from March 15 until further notice. The airports will only be opened for domestic flights. Further , visas on arrival have been suspended and no cruise passengers are allowed to disembark. As another security measure , Sri Lanka has banned the travelers coming from the countries which have reported cases of Covid 19. Every passenger, must undergo temperature screening , 14 days of quarantine and indeed they must fill out a health declaration.

Not only Sri Lanka, but also China, India, Japan , Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand highly recommend any travelers from any country specially from the countries with reported cases of Covid 19 , to undergo 14 days quarantine in order to prevent the spreading of Covid 19 inside the countries.

Imposing the security measures in Europe, European Union announced a closing across the boarders for 26 countries with more than 400 million people for upcoming 30 days. These 26 countries of European Union, included Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus etc. Yet Ireland, a member of European Union, has not imposed border closings since Ireland is bound with Britain by passport-free agreement. In other hand Britain has not shown any interest towards implementing the border restrictions.

On March 19, Australia’s prime minister imposed a travel ban on both non-residents and non-Australian citizens entering the country. In New Zealand only New Zealand citizens are allowed to enter the country followed by a self isolation as a self quarantine.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cancelled all Umrah and tourism visas from affected countries and it’s mandatory for all the customers flying into the kingdom, filling a Health declaration before arriving. Also, Saudi citizens and residents living currently in SA not allowed to travel to the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Italy, Korea.

It’s wiser to avoid non-essential travels to the countries and the territories with confirmed cases of Covid 19. The governments have the authority to impose security measures including travel restrictions and quarantine requirements to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures may be imposed at short notice and specific details updates may be changed rapidly. All the citizens including travelers should stay informed of measures being taken by the authorities.

To be acknowledged on countries and territories which have Covid-19 related border restrictions affecting foreign nationals, including travelers in transit, always stay in touch also with International Air Transport Association (IATA) website before planning your traveling destinations. It is totally up to each country to enforce these new measures with the complete authority to make any changes on who they allow in and under which circumstances. Further, it’s always your responsibility to make sure to take care of yourself by maintaining basic hygiene for the well-being of yourself and of whom you associate during the travel.

Last modified: July 2, 2020