“A leader is a dealer in hope.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

The Winter Induction of AIESEC in University of Kelaniya unfolded an inspiring leadership experience for a new term on the 27th of August 2023. I had my first experience as an Organizing Committee Vice President –  Events and Logistics of this grand event. This is a glimpse into my wonderful time from our first plans to the amazing Induction day.

Leading the Induction.

We had our first Organizing Committee Meeting on the 04th of July virtually getting a kick start to everything. I knew very well this would be a milestone in my AIESEC journey, which truly was! The very first weeks were all about planning the theme and partnership raising. I gratefully recall the leadership experience given by our Organizing Committee President and the Event Managers when teaching us every new bit of planning. 

Altogether this AIESEC experience taught me many things about team spirit and leadership. Moreover, the partnership raising was a good exposure on managing finance. We never forgot to enjoy the company meetings and cold calling which weren’t always positive. However, we managed to secure the required budget through partnerships.

Afterwards, preparing decorations was an entertaining distraction from the hard work. We pooled all our creativity into it and came up with unique sugar cubes and designs for the decorations. I was amazed to see how my team grew so close and supportive within the time. This gave us bunches of exciting memories which we cherish even now and will do forever.

It was admirable to see how our team instantly resolved certain issues despite the limited time. Our fellow members  shared support every time we needed more.

induction oc


Induction in light

It was finally the most awaited day. The venue kept flowing with newbies for the Winter Term. The registrations revealed an astonishing count of newbies and delegate participation. The morning started with breaking the ice. The Executive Board took the lead to keep the crowd lively with various activities. Afterwards, The Executive Board and Organizing committee members welcomed everyone.

The opening plenary and chair reveal certainly gave a kick start for the excitement of the day. The Chair of the Winter Induction was Thamindu Dilhara – Local Committee Vice President of AIESEC in University of Kelaniya for the term 22.23. The Chair inspired the audience with his own successful AIESEC journey.  

Thirdly, the agenda led the day bringing in AIESEC essence and history of our local committee in Colombo North. The Executive Board did an amazing presentation which truly ran deep into our hearts.

The newbies were explained about the Front and Back office functions. The Human Library session was a valuable time to listen and learn from inspiring AIESEC stories of our own Alumni. The true value of leadership and fulfilling humankind’s potential were spotlighted.

The roll calls entertained the event. Additionally some motivational sessions on leadership continued the agenda. Eventually, writing up sugar cubes by the end of the event was a new experience for the newbies.

Finally, the grand event reached the closing plenary, completing an energetic day for everyone. 

I heartily thank every soul who poured in their best efforts and evidently made the Winter Induction a remarkable day. My Organizing Committee gifted me with glamorous memories of unity, love and most importantly leadership.


Induction group


By Schenelle Lavinia

Organizing Committee Vice President 

Winter Induction 2023

AIESEC in University of Kelaniya. 

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