Internships have now become an essential part of any education program. Internships allow students to work with industry professionals while providing them the opportunity to apply the theory they learn in the class environment to practical use.

When considering foreign internships, in particular, they’ve played a vital role over the past few years, in getting students accustomed to working in diverse, multicultural environments.

If you’re considering an internship abroad, working in South Asia might’ve crossed your mind a couple of times due to the friendly people and the best climate. Out of those countries, Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the year-long tourist destination that you may definitely have heard of, might be the ideal destination for your internship.

Why do I say that?

Well, here are five reasons why you should select Sri Lanka for your internship,


01. Sri Lanka’s Economy and Cost of living

Sri Lanka is a lower-middle-income country, and its developing economy is primarily based on agriculture and service. But, Sri Lanka’s literacy rate is 92% – higher than anywhere else in Asia. As a measure of how effectively it has promoted education overall, the country ranks 28th out of 124 nations.

Secondly, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other countries, especially if you’re from Europe or North America. The majority of living costs come from housing, transportation, and food. Basically, one inexpensive meal would be 315 Sri Lankan Rupees, a one-bedroom apartment in City Center would be about 30 000 Sri Lankan Rupees, and a one-way transportation ticket would be 50 Sri Lankan Rupees. 

Cost is low for items such as hotel daily room rates, meals, and beverages in a restaurant, and take away food and beverages. The cost of clothing and footwear is also relatively low. The communication cost is also low for various expenses such as internet subscription, mobile service provider tariff, and data cost. Moreover, general health care, doctor visits, hospital stays, and medical insurance are also very low.

So the monthly allowance that you earn from your internship will be enough to cover your daily expenses, cover your emergency expenses, and will even save you some money for weekend traveling.


02. Easy working culture

Though the official languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil, most internships will not require to know either Sinhala or Tamil since English is now increasingly popular and rapidly used all over the country. 

You get to meet people from different diverse backgrounds and to communicate and work with them. This will allow you to make friends from different cultures since Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious country. If you plan to do your internship in Sri Lanka, you will obviously end up making many lifelong friends by the end of your intern period.


03. Helpful, caring population and safety measurements

Sri Lanka people are known as smilers. They all see themselves as hosts to this tiny island. Sri Lankan hospitality is second to none. Foreigners are welcome at any place and occasion, making you feel like you aren’t a stranger amongst Sri Lankan people.  Generally, they’ll greet you by joining two hands in prayer- like manner and saying ‘Ayubowan,’ which means ‘long life.’ 

Visiting Sri Lanka as an intern is also a very safe affair. You can always find help whenever you need it.


04. The best South Asian Cuisines and Sri Lanka’s topological beauty

Sri Lanka boasts the best seafood in all of Asia and probably the world as well. ‘Fish ambul thiyal’ (sour fish curry), ‘Kottu,’ ‘Parippu (dhal curry),‘ ‘Hoppers,’ ‘Polos,’ a tangy fish curry in a fancy beach restaurant, or even simple homemade rice and chicken curry, you’ll end up enjoying every single bit of it.

Sri Lanka is a traveler’s paradise, with the beaches with pristine coastline and the tropical rain forests housing diverse wildlife, including elephants, hikes admit lush green hills. Pretty villages and towns add more glamour to this tiny island. Sri Lanka has it all – a tropical climate, sandy beaches backed by lush deep green forests, hilltop hideaways, a diverse-off array of wildlife, and tea plantations. 

There are so many incredible things to experience while interning in Sri Lanka, and everything will be made even more special and unforgettable by Sri Lankan people.


05. Support from AIESEC

Sometimes it feels hard to survive in a foreign environment on our own. Yes, it’s somewhat challenging to adapt to a new culture, new weather, and a unique lifestyle. This is why you should select an AIESEC internship above all.  All the concerns you have will disappear with the help you get from AIESEC. You’ll be able to get the help of an EP Buddy during your stay, and you’ll be able to get all the information you need.

Moreover, AIESEC will be there every step of the way before you leave your home country and while you are doing your interning in Sri Lanka.

We ensure you get the visa, arrival pickup information before your intern, and departure instructions after your internship period. We accompany you to the workplace on the first day and ensure that your job description and goals are clear. 

Sri Lanka has a combination of stunning landscapes, captivating cultural heritage, and unique experiences. Interning in Sri Lanka will allow you to see how working is different in developing economies compared to more developed economies. 

So don’t waste any more time trying to decide where you want to do your internship next. Apply now for Sri Lanka internships with AIESEC Sri Lanka.


By Ruvindi Kapurubandara
Showcasing Team –  AIESEC in USJ

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