Unleashing the Mulan Spirit: Striving for Gender Equality


Drawing inspiration from the timeless story of Mulan, just as Mulan defined society’s limits to prove herself, women today seek equal rights and opportunities. We explore the importance of understanding and respecting diverse gender identities in the fight for true equality, where a small spark of encouragement can ignite profound changes.

Even in the past society of China women were bound by some limits. They were not allowed to learn swordsmanship or horse riding just because they were women as Mulan learned them all secretly with her father’s guidance. She was able to serve in the military and receive an award for her excellent skills and service which proves that if women are given a chance as men anywhere they can work strongly as men. With this concept of ‘gender inequality’ women are seeking the same rights as men, to be in the same position as men, to be in the equal position as men regardless of their gender. It is also not to question them but to applaud them when they achieve something labeled as only men can achieve as Mulan did.

Throughout this protest of seeking gender equality women are hoping to have the same opportunities as men do. In the present society, women are bound by some stereotypic concepts about their physical ability as well as mental ability which should not be judged based just by looking. In modern society, it is not swordsmanship or horse riding that are prohibited, but rather the job opportunities and independence of women. But in the above story, Mulan proved that women can also do better if they were given an opportunity to prove themselves which should be understood by society.

Furthermore, what we should understand is only a little spark is needed to make that change in this society. Even in this story of Mulan her father believed in her and what his daughter is capable of and taught her how to fight for others and as well as herself. But that small act was able to provide a notable example to the world, demonstrating how unjust this discrimination is. Just like that, a little encouragement from society could make a bigger difference. While we are addressing this gender inequality problem it is important to notice that addressing it in modern society involves understanding and acknowledging the diversity of gender identities beyond the traditional binary understanding of male and female. To effectively address this problem we need to include the individuals who identify as transgender or non-binary in this discussion. At that point, while educating society and individuals about gender diversity, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals who do not identify within the traditional gender binary.

It all begins with showing understanding and respect for every individual, regardless of their gender identity. Every individual has a unique identity, which contributes to the diversity in our society. And we must respect this diversity in order to create opportunities that are open to anyone.

So why not light up a spark for equality in every heart making it into an ignite shine forever to guide lost souls?

Dakshika Jayaweera

AIESEC in University of Perdaeniya

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