Marking an exceptional milestone in AIESEC Sri Lanka history, AIESEC Sri Lanka in collaboration with Unilever  Sri Lanka, conducted  an island-wide Career Program, which consisted of the Unispire workshop series and three days Virtual Career Fair in the name of  Unilever CareerFest ’21, tapping into the youth in all 25 districts to find and refine the brave individuals who were fervent in discovering their future  career. AIESEC Sri Lanka has triumphed in making undauntable personalities  to the Sri Lankan youth for over 25 years and Unilever Career Program 21 is our latest movement to  equip undergraduates with personal and professional skills while giving them career guidance. The aim of the program was not only to create the visionary of a successful employee by the end of 2030 but  strive to make their dreams come true. 

Unilever Career Program was the biggest ever virtual career program in AIESEC Sri Lanka history which featured the UFairs virtual career platform designed by C-Suite HR and Sia. This event was tailored towards the youth, specially who were undergraduates and jobseekers all over Sri Lanka. The event was held in two phases virtually.

Phase 01: Unispire Workshop Series

Phase one of the Unilever Career Program consisted of three very successful workshops with a very interactive participation. Unispire workshop series was held in three stages over a period of eight days from 11th October onwards.

  •       Day 1  of the  workshop series was on the topic of The Perfect Career path and this session   focused on helping students find out the best career path for them. It was delivered by Ms. Aaqila Hanifa, Talent advisor and learning specialist, Human Resources, Unilever Sri Lanka
  •       Day 2  was based on communication skills with a touch of corporate etiquette and this session focused on effective communication and how to face an interview. It was delivered by Ms.Anjali Jayathunge, HR Strategy Lead, Human Resources, Unilever Sri Lanka and Ms. Demethri Berman, the CD Promotion Planning Execution and Monitoring Manager, Customer Development, Unilever Sri Lanka
  •       Day 3  of the workshop series was on the topic of Problem Solving and critical thinking. This session  focused on the importance of having these  two skills as soft skills. It was delivered by Mr. Dinushika Opatha, the Manufacturing Excellence Manager- Ceytea, Supply Chain, Unilever Sri Lanka


Unispire workshop series  mainly aimed to bring light to all the conundrums that undergraduates have been having all these times. 

Phase 02: Unilever CareerFest, The Virtual Career Fair

Based on the feedback of the delegates we received after the workshop series, we opened the Unilever  career fair week in the name of  Unilever CareerFest ’21, for  all undergraduates interested. The Phase two of Unilever Career Program officially commenced in a grand manner  from 21st to 23rd October 2021 and  All the sessions were delivered to the participants in collaboration with Unilever, free of charge until the closing ceremony of the Program on 23rd October. Mock interviews, Coaching Sessions and CV consultations were scheduled at different stalls. Meanwhile there were different education and career based lessons  conducted by Unilever at the main auditorium.

‘Purpose’ lesson by Ms. Keshavi Puswewala, Senior HR Business Partner, Corporate Function amd T&O, Employer Brand Lead, Unilever Sri Lanka

  • Drafting the Perfect CV by Ms. Sabeeha Murad, Assistant manager, employer brand and talent  & organisation, Unilever Sri Lanka
  • Future Fit session by Ms. Demethri Berman, the CD Promotion Planning Execution and Monitoring Manager, Customer Development, Unilever Sri Lana
  • Building better connections through Linkedln by Ms. Aaqila Hanifa, the Talent advisor and learning specialist , Human Resources , Unilever Sri Lanka
  • Time Management by Ms. Lacksita John , Member Committee Vice President , Business Development, AIESEC Sri Lanka

This 3 days program was a new experience for all the Undergraduates and job seekers as it facilitated  space for all the participants,

  •  To interact with employers of Unilever Sri Lanka
  • Experience virtual mock interviews
  • Interact with AIESEC global internship opportunities
The Experience

Mr. Banuka Hathurusinghe, the Country President at AIESEC Sri Lanka mentioned,

 “This was a great opportunity for young people to engage and interact in a professional environment to groom up in their career development. I am sure this was a completely new experience for all the participants mainly because of the newest technologies that we were bringing through the virtual career fair experience.”

We express our gratitude  to the youth who joined with us  believing themselves towards creating a youth movement to impact and create a ripple effect in Sri-Lanka, so in the world.  We strongly believe that the  Unilever Career Program  would help and develop  all individuals in the way they see their career and job, its future, challenges and problems  for a better tomorrow for all the humans in the world. 



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