What is Tribute?

Tribute, the most prestigious event of AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ), is the annual awarding ceremony that showcases the splendor and pride of AIESECers in USJ. Tribute is to appreciate the best-performing AIESECers in USJ who contributed to the tremendous success of the Local Committee during the term.


Last year, Tribute 21 was organized adding more glamour and glory to AIESEC in USJ. Tribute ’21 was held on 24th October at the Hilton Residence Colombo from 2.30 pm onwards. The most dedicated and hardworking AIESECers of the term 20/21 were given the recognition that evening in the presence of an audience of our corporate partners and AIESECers in USJ.

The event was held strictly adhering to Covid-19 health & safety measures throughout the day.As a way of showing gratitude for the unfailing faith they placed upon us, Tribute rewarded the partners of Tribute 2021 with tokens of appreciation while focusing on their marketing strategies to ensure mutual benefits. Tribute was live-streamed through Facebook to be viewed by the parents and the membership as we had to limit our audience due to the restrictions. The event has given a great focus on appreciating the parents of the members for the unfailing support and guidance they had given. 

The purpose of the event was to appreciate, reward, and motivate the AIESEC membership to work even hard and recognize the individuals who performed exceptionally well during the past term.

The event was graced by the participation of the Chief Guests Mr. Janaka Gunasekera, Deputy Managing Director/Director Agriculture at Baur’s, Mr. Nilanga Samarasinghe, Baurs Representative General Manager for Operations, Ms. D.N Amarasinghe, the Founder of GOOD MEDIA & GOOD PR, Mr. Prasad James, the CEO of Battery Lab, Ms. Geraldine Salanguste Executive Vice President for Operations at Battery Lab and the Award winners. The event was live-streamed through AIESEC Sri Lanka Facebook page. The fellow junior AIESEC members were able to watch the award ceremony live to be motivated to reach those heights in the future.

Tribute Award Winners

More than 75 certificates were awarded to the most outstanding performing young leaders who had given their maximum commitment towards the local committee of AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura. 

Partners – Tribute 21

AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura partnered up with several corporates for Tribute ‘21.  In return for the resources provided by the partners of the event, their marketing strategies were identified and catered to. The unfailing support and trust our partners placed in us were reflected in the success of the event.

A.Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd,  a conglomerate that has an esteemed existence of 124 years in Sri Lanka,  was the Title partner for Tribute 2021. To partner up with a brand that is renowned for its integrity, contribution to the development of rural areas of Sri Lanka, and supporting in their best ability for children’s education, sure was a dream come true for AIESEC in USJ. 

The National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) with a legacy of over 51 years of service in the business of higher education was the Gold Partner for Tribute 2021. NIBM has enriched thousands of students by ensuring better career opportunities for them in both local and foreign job markets.

As a leading company in the hybrid battery industry, Battery Lab stepped in as the Signature Partner for Tribute 2021. The journey of this amazing partnership began as Mr. Prasad James, the CEO of Battery Lab joined hands with Tribute 2021, to encourage young leaders and let them blossom under their shade. 

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is the professional body and learned society in the field of computers and Information systems, both in Sri Lanka and internationally. AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura and BCS joined hands for Tribute 2021 as the Educational partner for the event to develop and uplift more and more leaders in the society. 

MAS Holdings has been positioned as one of the world’s most recognized design-to-delivery solution providers in the realm of apparel and textile manufacturing. AIESEC in USJ is honoured to be partnered up with MAS Holdings to make Tribute 21 a successful event.

Suaroma was memorial with Tribute ’21 as they joined us as a Gift Partner and was embraced that evening, gaining a notable youth engagement for the brand. 

Chamathka Jewelers is a renowned brand in Sri Lanka for affordable yet luxury jewelry. We were fascinated to have a brand like Chamathka Jewelers as a Gift Partner for the glamorous evening of Tribute ’21. 

At the same time LB Finance, Vita well, Keells, Deranya, and Wildwatch were also the main contributory factors towards the success of this event.


It is with great pleasure, I mention, as the Organizing Committee President of Tribute ’21, the Annual Awards Ceremony of AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura, that we were able to organize the event which is regarded as the most prestigious event in the calendar, in a huge success.

Disuri Kalara

(Organizing Committee President) 

By Hanshi Dinushika
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