Transforming Youth Transforming Sri Lanka” was a novel initiative spoken, brought forth together by AIESEC in Sri Lanka to share, to work together on some of the most vital issues young citizens have not yet thoroughly thought about, and determined to work on. This wasn’t yet another common project of all sorts. This was in fact what its title “Transforming Youth Transforming Sri Lanka “literally words on. It indeed was to bring transformation, a leading transformation which we all are in dire need of. The whole Inception behind the concept of TYTSL was all about inspiring the youth. It was about getting them to be the representatives for issues we all face as one community, one society and as one whole world.Image result for YSF aiesec in sri lanka

AIESEC being a global platform for the youth to discuss on issues which immediately ask solutions for, manifested ‘Transforming Youth Transforming Sri Lanka ‘to be one grand step in empowering a larger crowd of youth to bring upon well perceived action. This particular initiative was no words but, a steering cause for the young leaders of the nation. How it was an absolute incentive for the emerging youth out there directed under the unique approach undertaken by AIESEC which is ‘youth for global goals‘ was incredible.

Youth for global goals as an initiative, under AIESEC in Sri Lanka accompanies the objective of educating the youth about the sustainable development goals. And this mainly led TYTSL to be one collective to bring forth an outstanding impact by specifically bringing into prominence three SDG goals which are barely spoken of: Affordable and clean energy, Responsible consumption and production, climate action.

So, why these three specific goals were put forth to receive more attention?

The 2030 agenda adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, having the seventeen sustainable goals at its core manifested how working for these three goals are strategically important to move towards a planet of peace and prosperity.

However, when concerning on the current situation of Sri Lanka, it is sad to observe, how we are a far cry from a well-developed country which is just at its verge on accomplishing many of the sustainable development goals.
Therefore, TYTSL being the first project of its kind aimed to be an advocate, to what we are in dire need to work for, for what we lack. But, most importantly to act for these three specific goals.

They took it to be their prime responsibility to empower the youth to work hand in hand to ensure the environmental sustainability, prevention of wastage of resources and strategies to combat climate change.
In carrying out the cause of TYTSL, it was important to create a bigger network of events distinguished from one to the other relying specially on engagement spaces and interactions. Awareness, understanding and action were the key phases in which the objectives of the project were delivered. It indeed was believed that in this way, a positive impact would spring up in the target audience.

And, the extent of the impact was absolutely evident from the two prominent events carried out in the TYTSL journey: The youth speak forum and the World’s largest lesson. Manifesting the concept of ‘inspire, engage and Act ‘Youth speak Forum -September was a milestone in the journey of youth empowerment and what AIESEC in Sri Lanka looked forward to bring in.

YSF was the perfect milieu to accomplish that deemed objective as young leaders from diverse sectors gathered to discuss how they could work to achieve the sustainable goals of climate action, clean and affordable energy and responsible consumption and production. Having prominent keynote speakers as Ms. Hannah Singer, Ms. Anoka Abeyrathne, Mr. Insaaf Marker and Dr. Erandathie Lokupitiya the event impacted a delegation of 250 young leaders.

YSF was followed by the next event WLL-World’s Largest Lesson.
How had this worked and what was its objective? Well so most importantly what is a WLL?

It is designed as a session to teach children on global goals, showing how vital is their individual thought and daily action to the sustainable development of the world. Thus, with a delegation of 150, WLL was held at the Sussex college, Malabe on the 04th of October delivering food sustainability as the topic. This certainly was a call for action. Most importantly, how the students enthusiastically engaged with the session no matter how small they are was encouraging.Image result for WLL aiesec in sri lanka

TYTSL altogether having mobilized a youth of 600, was a huge success. Seeing from its entirety, this wasn’t just about motivation or encouragement, but leading a larger part of the youth for transformation. A transformation that matters, a change which lasts. A change which contributes.

Last modified: December 27, 2019