“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

              – Mother Teresa – 


Is volunteering limited to helping others? No, improving yourself and the community is just as important as helping others. Giving back to others can help offset the negative impacts of stress, rage, and anxiety. It alters us in ways that are beneficial to society. This demonstrates its strength. It is the ability to positively alter lives and communities. Volunteering may enhance both your life and the lives of those you assist.

You become a part of a bigger community when you volunteer. Here, you can interact with people of all professions, viewpoints, and creative ideas. You can improve your current skills and pick up some new ones if you donate your old ones. This will enable you to discover excellent work options.

How would volunteering help us transform our lives and communities?

We may learn a variety of skills through volunteering that would benefit us in both our personal and professional life. Here are a few changes that could drastically alter our lives:

Multiple skill sets of experience

In life, learning is everything. People pick up lessons from their experiences. Living out a new experience is at the heart of volunteering. One can acquire a variety of experiences and skill sets by volunteering. The opportunity to collaborate with numerous people from various backgrounds and viewpoints is provided by this. A free tutor might be compared to this. Since we would not be paying for the lessons, we learned numerous things while learning. It all comes down to enhancing your skills in a helpful way. Although it may occasionally seem like there is too much work to do or you are exhausted, this is merely a first step toward bigger and better things. Volunteering is an excellent way to learn new things.

VolunteerSkill development

Volunteering improves the development of skills. You don’t get to work in the same locations or occupations that you always get to work in. You get to work in various locations that you have never worked in. This broadens your level of thinking and allows you to view things from a new perspective. Enhancing oneself and one’s abilities is the goal of volunteering. Continuous learning is provided when volunteering. It has the appropriate mindset already. Having an open mind, being emotionally knowledgeable, and being open to trying new things.

Growth of volunteering

Families can benefit greatly from volunteering together. Children and adults nearby are motivated by our acts when we volunteer in the neighborhood. Young toddlers often pick up on these lessons and begin to make a commitment to volunteering. By giving back to the community, you can inspire the next generation of volunteers and demonstrate the value of volunteering as well as the rewarding nature of making a difference for others and animals.

ZainamIt strengthens the community

You can strengthen the community by seeking new knowledge and developing your skills. Communities advance when the individuals who make up those communities continue to grow. Encouraging open communication among group members, especially those with new or unconventional viewpoints, would help them improve their negative skills. As volunteers, we help to better the youth as well. These modest actions would benefit the community more broadly by fortifying it. We can assist individuals in polishing their potential by launching a variety of initiatives that will enhance their abilities. Airing these programs improves the quality of life for individuals and the community as a whole.

You benefit others and the community by volunteering. Your volunteer work may make you feel proud of and connected to yourself. And the more confident you feel in yourself, the more probable you will have a positive outlook on your life and future aspirations. This is the impact of giving back. In the end, it influences both our individual lives and the community. As professionals, we may have a more significant influence on everyone’s lives. Nothing could be better than this.

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By Hasna Hariz

Content Writer – DXP


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