Anyone can lead when the plan is working, only the Best can lead when the plan falls apart

 A leader in crisis is a leader indeed. Covid-19 was a real-life test upon large-scale to small-scale businesses which pushed them to revolutionize their stagnated business approaches. It pushed them to bring their ‘A game‘ when creating the Post-COVID persona. The global economy reached the tip of a cliff and the bold leaders had the courage to jump off the cliff, only to land on greener grass. Long-term business development strategies of companies took a toll as Covid-19 triggered the global economy. 

Inflation Post-COVID Persona

Inflation increases with the global economical crisis.

The turbulence caused by the pandemic emphasized how companies should focus on identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and the importance of rebranding themselves to adjust to their Post-COVID persona. Companies were forced to undergo a head-to-toe transformation, as they had to either adapt or become extinct.  With technology evolving into a vital element of our lives, companies used advances of Artificial Intelligence to fill the void brought by the pandemic. This elevated the entire customer experience into a new normal. 


It’s all about building faith over fear

Managing a crisis is an inevitable part of the role of a business leader. As the COVID-19 outbreak came with its extreme levels of uncertainty, it is essential to rebuild customer loyalty to get your business back on track. The first thing is to understand your customer’s priorities. To get a clear view of what the customer expects from you, you can send out an email survey. It should be the utmost priority to maintain strict health guidelines even when the pandemic neutralizes. 

Use of thermal body temperature post-Covid

Automated thermal body scanners

Installing elbow door handles, using air purifiers in elevators, implementing QR code payment methods, using automated thermal body temperature scanners are some among many modern methods to contain the virus. Social media can be utilized to build a responsible and trustworthy  Post-COVID image of your brand to encourage the buyer to keep choosing you.

Boring will put you out of business

The comeback should definitely be stronger than the setback. Shifting from a physical consumer persona to an online consumer persona is the most essential change organizations have to undergo. Startup businesses and existing businesses can utilize Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok for digital marketing. Creating a virtual reality in-store experience, introducing interest-free installment plans,  live product demonstrations, and conducting informative webinars to build customer trust are some innovative techniques. It should be the utmost priority to build a digital experience where the customer feels valued

Go global or Go home

With most organizations shifting to a virtual work environment, it has influenced companies to think globally. The local target market reduced greatly as inflation skyrocketed with the economical crisis. Hence extending business plans overseas is definitely the smarter option.

Use of digital currency post-Covid

As a result of Covid-19, cashless transactions have become widely used.

Companies can focus on hiring foreign staff that aligns with the business persona. That can help to bring in a global perspective to the internal network. You can either sell products to customers in export regions, collaborate with a foreign business partner, or merely use social media.


Don’t fear the change, Embrace it

Nothing is scarier than venturing out to a new territory. Hence, taking proper leadership is all about being up for challenges, thinking outside the box, and saying yes to change. Likewise, you never know your true capabilities until you take the first step outside your comfort zone. COVID-19  allowed organizations to build their Post-COVID Persona by exploring a new wave of tools and software. It also enabled organizations to adapt to lifestyle changes. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so why not chase it?

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