Are you the organizer who is bothered by the lack of interaction in virtual meetings? Do you dream of improved interactions among your participants?. Here, appear some of the top-notch tips to enhance participation in virtual spaces. 


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, scenarios have moved towards virtual spaces. We, humans as social animals, try to maintain our social interactions by means of different networking platforms.

Though people maintain their relationships through virtual spaces, lack of participation and interactions has been the worst experience for any virtual event organizer. Noticeably during the covid time period, the digital footprint of people has raised drastically. Still when it shifts to a professional environment members show a less enthusiastic attitude toward active participation. If you too struggle similarly try to adjust these steps in your next meeting. 


Analyze possibilities, and challenges

Using SWOT techniques to analyze the meeting.

People use the SWOT technique for planning.

Before scheduling a meeting, it is better not only to check on the availability of the participants but also better to do a primary analysis of prevailing situations. The consideration may focus on holiday eves, weekends, and the general announcements made. For example; on power failures or critical situations that are prevailing at the moment. Specifically, if a long weekend is on hand, it is obvious that the management would prefer to have a wrap-up session. Instead, the colleagues may prefer to spend time with their families and plan out their weekends ahead.


Keep meetings short

Another reason that reduces the interaction of participants in virtual space is the lengthy unwinding meetings.  Instead, it will be modest and fabulous if the organizers can limit the time and deliver the important messages in due course. So the space won’t be boring for the participants. Yet, it is a must to let the participants clarify their problems and let them come out with new suggestions. But it is important not to allocate a long period of silence as many hesitate to raise their voices in public spaces. 


Integrate offline challenges

It must be obvious that during the offline working scenarios the colleges and the different stakeholders got a chance to get mixed, network lively. However, through digital inventions networking has been efficient but the strength has reduced drastically. In order to maintain the liveliness and the interaction among your fabulous workforce, why not give them little challenges to complete and appreciate their submission or the extraordinary talent during the virtual meeting space. The management has to be creative and think out of the box to come up with new initiatives or surprises. Therefore, the interaction of the staff in virtual meetings will rise.


Add entertainment functions

As stated above, long meetings will be boring and reduce interactions. Have you ever looked back into the time that you used to have physical meetings? Where someone may crack a joke and do a harmless prank, and everyone laughs and is stress-relieving. But now as most of these virtual spaces are more focused on discussing serious matters. It is evident that we face technical issues but as we are getting on with them, it will be a nice combination of entertainment sessions after a toiling planning session for the upcoming weeks or a progress review about past weeks. Somehow you can use this as a chance to carry the spirit of the team to the upcoming weeks with a mixture of some energetic music where the team can be hyped up to perform better, and simultaneously the interaction rises. 


A virtual meeting taking place

Participation of people in virtual meetings.

Simply, applying all these tactics won’t perhaps boost up the interaction of your participants in virtual meetings rapidly.  Still, you can be creative enough to apply these facts according to your situation and create timely changes. It will affect the degree of interactions of your participants through virtual spaces.

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