Have you ever been in a situation where you finally found an opportunity you greatly desired, but suddenly you encountered a mix of traumas that ran thrbest nfl jerseys adidas yeezy womens custom nba jerseys wig store sex toys for women male sex toys white nike air max human hair wigs cheap nike air jordan womens low adidas yeezys custom basketball jersey Full Lace Wigs custom baseball jersey nike air max sc male sex toys ld turn back time”. Unfortunately, time waits for no man, but we do certainly have the power to overcome fear since we are the root source of our own fears. Fear has been lingering from childhood to now and will also exist in our future. It just appears in our life in different shapes and forms. Fear mainly comes in two outputs. It can either tear us down and keep you jailed within your comfort zone, or it can be manipulated as a tool to build and get to know yourself even way deeper and, of course, be a stronger person than you used to be.

Let me elaborate more on how to conquer fear and exit your comfort zone with some tips you can work on.

1. Practice using fear as a tool.

People usually tend to avoid situations they fear. There are instances where we try to escape from opportunities or chances by allowing ourselves to imagine the worst-case scenario. For example, the fear of being judged. Any individual may stumble on questions such as,

Am I making the right choice? 

What impression will this make on others?

FearThe moment you realize that you are vulnerable, it automatically activates the feeling of shutting yourself down by losing self-worth, self-value, and self-trust. Instead of imagining the worst-case scenario, you should get into the habit of taking action. Take time and explore your own self. For example, take a pen and a piece of paper or your phone and pinpoint the exact reasons for your fear. On the other side of the page, pinpoint all the positive outcomes and satisfaction you will gain if you face that fear. At this point, you have explored and accepted your fears. The next step is to gain knowledge of your area of responsibility. Start educating yourself about the situation that instils your fears and increase your confidence before dealing. By knowing your job, an unshakable confident personality can be manifested automatically. At this point, you are ready to attack your fears. Make sure to develop an indomitable faith in yourself before attacking your fears.  

2. The forethought process to exit your comfort zone.

Your progress as a leader results from a successful plan or a routine. A leader without a proper plan or routine becomes vulnerable to encountering more fears. Let’s illustrate this tip using another type of fear, The fear of failure.

‘’The fear of doing things wrong can cause many people to sabotage their chances for success, often unconsciously.’’

FearIn order to keep up with our comfort zone, we spontaneously postpone or try to get rid of the delegate decisions or plans, Yet the world is accelerating. The forethought process includes practising mapping out your daily tasks to make you more professional and accurate in decision-making. Additionally, it’s important to revisit your plans regularly as you might find adequate new information to update your plan that you didn’t anticipate. It is more effective if you plan for yourself for your development and plan for your organization which you are responsible for. This boosts your self-esteem and conquers your fear amidst your journey as a leader.

3. Always expect the unexpected.

A leader can encounter sudden unexpected scenarios within their organization. Whenever you initiate a project or a decision, make sure to realize and expect that there could be surprising sudden outcomes. Because life is unpredictable, and nobody is immune from unexpected events. The universe will always find a way to test you by throwing the most unforeseen obstacles in any form. Your plan might be super exciting, but still, stay flexible and open to your goals. By practising this daily, you’ll gradually expose yourself to uncertainty and master being comfortable with the unexpected.

FearFinally, I would like to ask you always to remind yourself that most of the time, it’s never as scary as you imagined. Fear is meant to be within and created by us, but we must not allow fear to control us. Instead, we must use our power to dissolve it. By learning how to conquer fear, you can move forward confidently and use it to accomplish and unlock your true potential. So, step out and undertake challenges. Build your confidence over time and conquer fear.


By Sarah Perera

Content Writer

Brand – AIESEC in NSBM



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