As we all know the world is on a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is waiting until their lives go back to normalcy. The thing most of us do not give much thought about is that the world is never going to be the same anymore. During this pandemic, people started to discover that we can change the way we used to live if we gave it a thought. The world we knew is going to change after this pandemic because of that. The world means not just the environment but also the systems which last for decades.

1. Education
2. Working
3. Shopping, etc.

Current Situation in the World

The world thought that the developed western countries would be able to face and handle this kind of a pandemic well rather than developing countries. But it turned out to be the opposite. Every country struggles due to the pandemic. Some countries forgot the economic crisis for a while and took action to save the citizens while some countries delayed taking action to save the citizens due to the economic crisis which took place due to the pandemic.

Some people were smart enough to accept the current situation and acted according to the public safety protocols to stop the pandemic spreading all around the country. But some people could not understand how to act accordingly. Some people started to donate what they have to help poor people who struggle during this period, while some only thought about themselves and started to protest asking to open their countries as they could not stay at home for a while.

What Changes Have Taken Place in the world

The World After the Pandemic- Study from Home

The World After the Pandemic- Study from Home

When the pandemic started and everyone had to stay indoors, many people thought that private and public offices, schools, universities, etc. are going to be closed for months. They thought their work and studies would be postponed for months.  Most importantly people of third world countries thought like that as they are not familiar with doing studies and work online. But it did not happen. Studies of the universities and schools are currently going on as usual online. This will help the universities and schools in the future to do lectures and lessons online in necessary situations like nonacademic strikes, when universities or schools closed for safety reasons, etc. So this will be a huge advantage for university students and schoolers in the future, especially Sri Lankan university students who are not familiar with online lectures.

Even work is done online without much trouble. In the future people will consider work online and studying online as it is effective than going to university and workplaces. Even the studies show that working from home gives good results than going to the office every day.

According to one study, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts, resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year.” – Business News Daily

The studies prove that the struggles that employees have to face to work in the city can be reduced when they work from home. Also, their mental health will be really good and that can increase productivity. Even Google, Facebook, and Microsoft companies have told their employees to work from home until next year. That suggests that having an office is necessary for such huge companies to complete their work. Even small companies might have understood this fact.

The ways the World Is Going to Change

In the future, many companies might consider work from home is more productive. That will open opportunities for people in other countries to work in companies from home. Even now companies hire people through online interviews. If it continues in the future, many companies will be able to hire people from all around the world. If companies decide to continue working from home they will not need offices and they will not have to worry about higher rents anymore. Also, people will not have to move to cities for their work. They will be able to work from their home.

The World After the Pandemic- Online shopping

The World After the Pandemic- Online shopping

This will change the situation of the cities. If people start to work from home, the traffic in the cities will reduce. Also, the apartments will not be rented like before. The less amount of workers in the cities will bring huge disadvantages to shops, restaurants, apartment complexes, etc. But this will bring advantages to the delivery services because these days most people are getting familiar with using delivery services. So even in the future people will use the delivery service as it is easy for them. That can help people save a huge amount of time without going shopping.

As mentioned earlier many people think that the world will be the same in the future after the pandemic, but we are wrong. The world is already changing. People are changing, the way they work is changing, the way they learn is changing and even the environment is changing. So after the pandemic, we will be able to see a new world with new ways to live and work.

Last modified: July 3, 2020