DIMO is a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka which is one of Sri Lanka’s leading Public Listed Companies contributing to the economy and enriching the lives of Sri Lankans. Founded in 1939 as an automobile sales and repair concern it has grown into the diversified conglomerate we see today operating in ten sectors with over 1,800 employees, and an annual turnover of Rs. 37 billion (2021/2022). But today the story that is to be unravelled is not only about DIMO, but their purposeful partnership with AIESEC in Sri Lanka which has come a long journey to the present, and which promises a sustainable future together.

Why DIMO and AIESEC in Sri Lanka are together?

DIMO always welcomes the best partners aligning with their brand promise to all the stakeholders to be the perfect partner. Both parties of DIMO and AIESEC iN Sri Lanka have been involved with each other as partners on different occasions. The matching visions and missions, along with good impressions of the involvements have led DIMO to step up to the next level of this partnership becoming a national partner for AIESEC in Sri Lanka.

Talking about the matching visions of the two parties, the firm belief in strong youth leadership as the backbone of the community and as a must in shaping society has laid the foundation for this purposeful partnership. Youth leadership’s benefits are not only communal but individual. Accordingly, both parties share their interest in personal development where DIMO stands as an exceptional place for professional and individual growth exposed to experiences in the industry similar to AIESEC in Sri Lanka inspires personal growth as a youth development platform.

What is to be achieved through this partnership? 

As stated by Dimo, the partnership is aimed at achieving four major objectives. The first objective is to help the community with youth leadership. The main focus is to develop youth leadership in Sri Lanka while supporting the youth community financially and with the necessary resources. The partnership also attempts to develop new and fresh perspectives with collaborative efforts from both the parties of DIMO and AIESEC in Sri Lanka while sharing their experience and ideas. The next aim would be employer branding whereas partnering up with a youth leadership development organisation such as AIESEC in Sri Lanka will be an addition to their positive brand image. The final outcome will be the talent pool that will be acquired by DIMO with support from AIESEC in Sri Lanka and DIMO’s efforts in polishing up the talent pool.

Thus, this purposeful partnership between DIMO and AIESEC in Sri Lanka which has been sustained over the years and has displayed great compatibility up to now shows the way even to a promising future.

Written by

Pavani Premarathne

Lead Journalist

National Showcasing Team 23.24

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