Discovering the True Value of Volunteering

Being an AIESECer gave me my first glimpse that there’s more to do than just travel. Volunteering, or as we say in AIESEC, ‘EXCHANGES,’ is a powerful experience. Volunteering abroad brings unique challenges, experiences, and memories. These experiences can awaken the leader within you.

Embracing New Cultures

Volunteering abroad exposes you to different cultures. You learn to understand and appreciate diversity. This cultural exchange fosters empathy and broadens your perspective. It’s a vital trait for any leader. Leadership excellence is often rooted in understanding and respecting different cultures.

Developing Essential Skills

Exchanges help you develop essential skills. You learn to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. You become more adaptable and resilient. These skills are crucial in both personal and professional life. Leadership excellence requires strong communication and adaptability.

Building Lifelong Connections

One of the most rewarding aspects of exchanges is the connections you make. You meet people from all over the world. These connections often turn into lifelong friendships. Networking is key in leadership, and exchanges provide a perfect platform for it. Unlocking leadership excellence involves building a strong network.

Facing and Overcoming Challenges

Volunteering abroad is not always easy. You will face challenges, but overcoming them makes you stronger. Each challenge you overcome boosts your confidence and problem-solving abilities. Leaders are forged through these experiences. Exchanges play a crucial role in unlocking leadership excellence by presenting and overcoming challenges.

Creating a Positive Impact

Exchanges allow you to make a tangible difference. Whether it’s teaching children, helping communities, or supporting environmental projects, your efforts matter. Knowing you’ve made a positive impact is incredibly fulfilling. Leadership excellence is about creating a positive impact in the world.

Enhancing Personal Growth

Every exchange is a journey of self-discovery. You learn more about yourself and your capabilities. This personal growth is a cornerstone of leadership. You become more self-aware and better equipped to lead others. Unlocking leadership excellence involves continuous personal growth.



Exchanges are more than just volunteering opportunities. They are life-changing experiences that unlock leadership excellence. By embracing new cultures, developing essential skills, building connections, overcoming challenges, and making a positive impact, you awaken the leader within. Volunteering abroad with AIESEC is a journey worth taking.


Gaveesha Wickrama
Content Writer
AIESEC in University of Colombo

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