In a world where all most all the countries are in a competition to chase the rapid development 4.1 % of Sri Lankan population lives below the International Poverty Line. The recent researches declare that the Per Capita Income in Sri Lanka indicates a less value compared to other developing countries. And also the unsatisfactory Gross Domestic Production of Sri Lanka shows a lapse in the growth rate of the economy. According to the ideas presented by Lee Kuan Yew , the founder of modern Singapore, in order to boost the economic growth rate of any country, the Agricultural sector ,Service Sector and Industrial Sector of that particular country should contribute to the development process of the county through different levels , focusing on sustainability.

As a non governmental , non – for profit organisation which promotes cross cultural awareness among youth, AIESEC is aimed to work towards achieving sustainable development goals impacting positively on the people. Global Volunteering which is known as GV projects in AIESEC bring together the International Youth from different countries making them work in challenging environments for different projects, meanwhile developing the living standard of the local community.Various National GV projects find their setting in different Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) declared through United Nations.

Addressing the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of “Quality Education” the project “Alphabetz” targets Nursery Education where the local students get the opportunity to brush up their skills in English language from the childhood under the foreign exposure. Adding to that The project “Inspiro” is focused on improving the English Literacy in local school students through workshops and sessions conducted by foreign undergraduates.

To address the 3rd SDG of ,” Good Health and Well-being” AIESEC has designed some projects including the National Project ” Heart Beat”. This project brings the foreign volunteers to Sri Lanka, who are interested in Ayurvedic Medicines offering them the opportunity to learn about Ayurvedic Herbs and Medicines in Sri Lanka also sharing their medical knowledge and methods with local community. Interactive School Sessions constructed through this project guide the local student to maintain the a good health from their childhood. Further addressing the physical and mental well-being Blood Donating Camps, Sessions with Cancers Patients are conducted under project “Heart Beat.”

Focusing on the 8th SDG of “Decent Work and Economic Growth” some of the GV projects are designed for the foreign entrepreneurs to meet leading local entrepreneurs to gain a sound knowledge on the entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka and share their knowledge with local school students making them familiar with entrepreneurship from the childhood.

Sri Lanka is paradise of tourism. The National project “Be Sri Lankan” is designed to improve the tourist attractions to the natural based sites in Sri Lanka. Social Marketing Campaigns conducted by foreign volunteers through Videography and blogs support to globalise the tourism in Sri Lanka boosting Service Sector, implementing positively on the Per Capita Income.

Furthermore, targeting the 14th and 15th Sustainable Development Goals of “Life On Land” and “Life under Water” AIESEC conducts GV projects with the participation of foreign volunteers. These projects are focused on a vast area including Responsible Consumption, Environmental Protection, Fish population, Wild – Life, Environmental Conservation etc.. supporting the local community to deal with severe social, economical and environmental problems popped up through exploitation of Natural Resources .

Therefore it’s a proven fact that Gv projects powered by AIESEC impacts positively on improving the standards of the Local Community bringing the sustainability.

Last modified: July 3, 2020