The NextGen AIESECer Program is the most extensive employability enhancement program initiated for the membership of AIESEC Sri Lanka. This program is one of the entity’s roadmap projects and it is expected to achieve the final outcome by 2023. The ambition is to develop the skills that the corporate partners seek in an employee while they are still a member of the AIESEC organization. This program will take place at the entity level, focusing on each and every member of AIESEC Sri Lanka. 

The program is designed to enhance employability, develop and refine workforce skills, network with industry professionals and alumni, recognize competencies, value addition to the CVs, develop organizational Skills and Knowledge and give a competitive advantage in the job market for our members. Most importantly, we focus on boosting their employability rate. The program focus on developing the most on-demand skills, which include social & communication skills,  critical thinking & problem-solving, project management, team, work & collaboration, analytical skills, global awareness, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, data-driven decision making, digital savviness, work ethics & personal grooming and growth mindset. The knowledge is provided within 4 weeks to different categories of the membership through team projects, quizzes, assessment centers, group discussions, training, and workshops. 

The Next Gen AIESECer program is carried out in collaboration with our exclusive talent development partners as it’s more of a return on talent investment (ROTI)  program. The program was established after looking at current corporate trends, and it allows them to connect with Sri Lankan businesses. As a result, more young people will become leaders, resulting in a community that will continue to have a positive influence. 

This program is the first step toward creating a more structured membership development and engagement program that will eventually result in a National Portal of skilled AIESECers who will open their doors to a brighter future to impact the world positively. We have long believed that authentic AIESECers with the traits and principles listed in our leadership development model should be recognized and their journey to success should begin as soon as they leave AIESEC.

Visit the NextGen AIESECer Website to learn more:

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