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The Magic of believing in yourself

The Magic of believing in yourself

Success means many wonderful, positive things such as personal prosperity, freedom from worries, fears, frustrations, and failure. It also means self-respect, continually finding more real happiness and satisfaction in life, and being able to do more for those who depend on you. Ultimately Success means winning.
Success, achievement is the goal of everyone’s life!
Every human being wants success. Everybody wants the best this life can deliver.
Believe, really believe, you can touch the sky and you can. Not many people believe that they can touch the sky. So, as a result, not many people do.
But you can touch the sky with belief. You can win success by believing you can succeed.
Confidence isn’t something that we’re born with, but rather a trait that is developed with intentional habits. A person is the product of his own thoughts. Believe in yourself and good things do start happening. Your mind is a “thought factory.” It’s a busy factory; producing countless thoughts in one day.

You can control whether those thoughts are positive or negative. Believing in yourself, never underestimating your own intelligence, thinking positively, and planning for success is the key to making miracles in your life.
Fear is real. And we must recognize it exists before we can conquer it. No one is born confident. Confidence is acquired and developed.

Believe BIG.

The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. So, think about progress, believe in progress, and push for progress.
Belief works this way. Belief, the “I’m-positive-I-can” attitude, generates the power, skill, and energy needed to do it. When you believe I can do it, the how-to-do-it develops. In these modem times belief is doing much bigger things than touching the sky. In fact, the essential element in our space explorations today is the belief that space can be mastered. Without firm, unwavering belief that man can travel in space, our scientists would not have the courage, interest, and enthusiasm to proceed. The belief that cancer can be cured will ultimately produce cures for cancer. Belief in great results is the driving force, the power behind all great books, plays, and scientific discoveries.
There is nothing magical nor mystical about the power of belief. As long as you believe in yourself, you can make miracles in your life.

Tharushi Amarasinghe

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya


Magic Is Believing In Yourself, If You Can Do That, You Can Make Anything Happen.

From Doubt to Belief: Building Confidence in Yourself and Your Abilities


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Journey of a lifetime!

Are you searching for an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories while helping you grow both personally and professionally? Then the Global Volunteer program in Sri Lanka is exactly what you need! AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization, offers a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in fields such as education, healthcare, and community development while immersing yourself in a new culture and developing cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. 

Experience the Cultural Exchange: The CXP Component

But what makes the GV (Global Volunteer) program in Sri Lanka truly special is the chance to participate in the Global Volunteer program’s Customer Experience Program (CXP). The CXP is a unique cultural exchange program that allows volunteers to experience different parts of the country while working on projects that have a positive impact on the community.

Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture

During the CXP, volunteers are placed with a host family in a different part of the country and work on a project with a local organization. This provides volunteers with a unique opportunity to experience the diversity of Sri Lanka’s culture, language, and geography while making a meaningful contribution to the community.

Hospitality and Immersive Cultural Experience

But the CXP is more than just a chance to gain professional experience. It’s an opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality of Sri Lankan culture. Host families provide volunteers with meals, a place to stay, and a chance to experience everyday life in Sri Lanka. They often take volunteers on cultural excursions and introduce them to local customs and traditions, providing a rich and immersive cultural experience.

Develop Essential Cross-Cultural Skills

Moreover, the CXP provides volunteers with the opportunity to develop cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. By working with local organizations and living with host families, volunteers learn how to navigate cultural differences, build relationships across borders, and work effectively in multicultural teams. These skills are essential in today’s globalized world and will benefit volunteers in all areas of their lives.

Make a Real Impact on the Community

In addition to the cultural exchange component, the CXP provides the chance to work on projects that have a real impact on the community. For example, volunteers may work with a local school to develop an English-language curriculum or with a healthcare organization to provide basic medical services to underserved communities. Through their work, volunteers develop practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to their future careers, all while making a positive impact on the community.

Benefiting the Community and Volunteers Alike

Local organizations in Sri Lanka have also seen the benefits of the Global Volunteer program and the CXP. The Jaffna Social Action Center (JSAC), for example, has hosted volunteers from the Global Volunteer program who have worked on projects related to education and community development. Through their work, volunteers like Emma and Ahmed have gained valuable experience in their field while contributing to a social cause and developing cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. JSAC has benefited from the skills and knowledge that the volunteers brought, as well as the opportunity to work on projects that had a positive impact on the community.

Embrace the Global Volunteer Program: Broaden Horizons and Make a Difference

The Global Volunteer program in Sri Lanka offers an experience like no other. It provides a unique opportunity to gain practical experience while immersing oneself in a new culture and developing cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. The CXP is the icing on the cake, offering a chance to experience different parts of Sri Lanka while working on meaningful projects that have a positive impact on the community. Living with host families and being immersed in the local culture will give volunteers a new perspective on global issues and leave them with unforgettable memories.

In conclusion, the Global Volunteer program in Sri Lanka with its CXP component is an excellent opportunity for young people who are looking to gain practical experience in fields such as education, healthcare, and community development while immersing themselves in a new culture and developing cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. It offers a chance to experience different parts of Sri Lanka while working on meaningful projects that have a positive impact on the community. Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons and make a difference. Embark on this journey with AIESEC and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn more!

Penned by

Yohan Wickrmasinghe – DXP & IM 



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Do you have what it takes to be a leader? – a 4 min read

We’ve all come across so many leaders over the course of our lifetime. Some might have learnt to be a leader (there are so many leadership development things nowadays, you know), and some might not have. Whether a leader is made or a leader born, we all gravitate towards them. Why did that happen is a question that I’d like to ponder upon before I hand you out the golden words of leadership, so bear with me. 

Be family to your team. 

I’ve had the privilege of meeting several people who have changed me in a good way, for which I’m eternally grateful. What I find in common is that I trust them wholeheartedly. They were not just my team leader, not my manager, or just another teacher or, in simple terms, a leader for me. Most of them were my friends, my sisters and brothers. I knew that they knew me, and vice-versa, I knew them. They had all taken the time to talk with me, laugh with me, listen to me when I was ranting about my worries and, most importantly, they had all been there when I needed them the most. Leadership is not just about getting a team to work to meet deadlines. It is all about building meaningful relationships with everyone. A little listening and paying attention could go a long way. Trust me, I’m proof. 

Trust is key.

Ugh, OK. You may be a good leader. But still, if you end up finding an ugly duckling amongst your team, that may suggest that there’s a problem you should dig deep into. However much we try, there is always one uncooperative person in the corner that won’t work, won’t respond, and sometimes even leaves the team mid-project. I’d recommend talking with them (not just routine one-on-one but seeing what’s wrong, you never know what might come up); maybe something’s not right from your side. Make sure they are comfortable enough to let you know that and be humble to consider those remarks. Trust of a fellow is as fragile as it can be. You’ve got one shot and only one. Who knows if that ugly duckling is a baby Swan who needs that reassurance to move forward. 

 Something that I’ve seen that could be done better most of the time is that either the team leader or the manager takes things into their own hands and starts overworking and overcompensating to meet deadlines when things get hard.

Never ever resort to the band-aid of micromanagement

You must set an example for your team members rather than ordering around, being strict and trying to manage everything to perfection. Although meeting deadlines and completing tasks is essential, there is a reason why you are a leader. At the same time, they are the members of your team. Even though taking the shovel and going into the trench is essential, don’t take it to an unhealthy level. Make sure you never end up in a ‘do it myself’ situation. These ‘do it myself’s would only drain you out. Let your team make mistakes, let them face the consequences. It’s your job to create an environment for them to learn from their mistakes rather than stigmatise them. You might feel the urge to take over, but if you do, that’s where things get dirty. They’d feel undermined and that you don’t trust them enough. Micromanagement is not the cure for a broken team, just as a band-aid would do nothing on a broken bone. 

Finally, to the best part,

The two-word phrase ‘thank you’ and the 3 worded clause ‘I appreciate you’, would make an immense change. You should thank and appreciate not just because someone said so but because you mean it. Preaching those golden words without emotion would leave you at square one, much less the team would be disappointed. 

The skill of learning to honestly express these 5 words would undoubtedly take you to the pinnacle of leadership. Honesty is the elixir that would bring the potion of excellence together. Trust me, All your members look forward to being acknowledged, appreciated, and most importantly, they need to know that you mean it. 

Maybe it is a lot to take in at one go, but small, steady steps could take you a long way. So let’s start with a small ‘thank you’, or a ‘I appreciate you’ first. I am sure you’d start seeing results right away. 

So as my final note, fingers crossed to a successful journey in becoming ‘THE most inspiring person’, ‘THE life changer’ and ‘THE beloved’ of many. 


Written by,

Divya Perera,

Content Writer – AIESEC in University of Peradeniya

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Daring to be Different – How you can embrace a new life with AIESEC

Kunchana Anjalee Ranchagoda, 23, shares the story of her AIESEC internship to Brazil as an assistant English teacher. Here’s her story of how she embraced a new life with AIESEC while daring to be different to make a wholesome impact on society.


Hello Kunchana! We are in awe of your amazing AIESEC experience. First, shall we dive a bit into your new life?

Hello! I’ve been fortunate to undertake a teaching internship. I’m an assistant English teacher in a professional education institute in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It has been quite fascinating so far and exciting as well.


New life with AIESECInterning abroad with AIESEC must have been a huge leap in your life. What has been your biggest motivation behind this?

My first AIESEC volunteering experience in Venice, Italy, became the very reason which motivated me to explore further the beauty of interning abroad. So with much delight, I set my heart on interning abroad after finishing my undergraduate studies. Moreover, my parents and also AIESEC in University of Peradeniya have always been a huge inspiration for me.


How exciting was the first day in a new country? Was it rough? Was it smooth?

My first day in Brazil was really nice. After arriving in the city early in the morning, I was warmly welcomed by my host family at the airport. I was so humbled by their warm, and loving welcome. After enjoying the fine breakfast, I had the luxury of a walk in the evening with my host mother, which undoubtedly made my first day in Brazil a great one.


Talking of food, what delicious food stories do you have to share with us?

A wide array of food items, including typical and unique delicacies, are available here. My favourites are Snoghonof (rice, creamy chicken and chips), chicken rice, xis salada polenta, garlic bread, desserts, pasta, pãn de queijo (cheese bread), pizza and mashed potatoes. Usually, the main meals here are rice, beans, and churrasqueria (barbecue).


That’s a lot of food! So my next question for you is, being far from home yet feeling like you are at home is a rare feeling to come by. Are there any moments of the day that bring you much solace and that ‘home’ feeling?

After finishing my work, my topmost concern is returning home to my host family as soon as possible. Evenings with them are all about singing, laughing, chatting and sipping coffee together. Such reunions are quite a lot relieving and delightful to live in.


That’s amazing, Kunchana! So, talking about your work, how would you describe your workplace?

at the workplaceI work at a professional education institute where teenagers learn English, ICT, digital marketing, digital media skills etc. This place is quite nice and professional as well. As the director and colleagues are quite friendly and supportive, I enjoy my work with much enthusiasm.


Embracing this new life must have been challenging but undoubtedly worthwhile. Finally Kunchana, how do you describe your experience of interning with AIESEC for someone willing to participate in future endeavors of this sort?

I couldn’t have realized my dream without the platform created by AIESEC with constant motivation and empowerment. Teaching is a mutual process that allows you to teach and learn from each other. While teaching these lovely teenagers, I’ve been educating myself as well. Our ultimate goal is to educate the community, and it should be started somewhere by someone. I’m glad I made a move by finally saying yes to my dream and passion. Thanks to AIESEC, this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Life begins the moment you step out of your comfort zone to explore how far you can fly, as evident by the story of Kunchana. Good moments, beautiful people and unforgettable memories will always accompany you, as long as you stay true to your life’s passion. One decision to do something you have never done before could begin a new chapter in your life! Life is too short to keep waiting; it’s time to start your own story!

You can too, write your own story like Kunchana.

Sign Up for Global Teacher program today.


Written by,

Nayanathara Munasinghe

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya


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How AIESEC reshapes and brings out one’s value-driven leadership

If anybody asks an AIESECer to describe what AIESEC is in two keywords, without a doubt, 9 out of 10 answers probably would be ‘Youth’ and ‘Leadership.’ And that is the closest answer to what AIESEC is. To make it more describable, we could say AIESEC is a global network that believes that youth leadership is not an option but a responsibility. 


But what is so special about these leadership skills that only AIESEC is providing an opportunity to develop? If this has been a question you’ve been looking for answers to, guess what? You’re in the right blog to find out why we, as AIESECers, are being given a golden ticket of a lifetime. 


Before getting to these answers and why leadership from AIESEC is unique, we’ll first ask ourselves what leadership is. For someone, leadership could simply be guiding a team to do specific tasks or having an impact. And another could be setting an example for the followers in a group or an organization, etc., and achieving goals through teamwork. Yes, all of the above answers are very true, and there can be many more definitions of leadership. But then what stands out from AIESEC and its leadership from these above said basic concepts on leadership? The answer is “Values.”


From AIESEC, leadership isn’t another concept that is typically just taught. We, as AIESECers, break that cycle and what AIESEC gives us is to develop values that we believe leaders should live by. And there are six of these most important values, which are as follows.


6 Core Values of AIESEC Leadership

  1. Demonstrating integrity – Having that moral principle of doing what is fitting rather than comfortable. 
  2. Striving for excellence – AIESEC provides many global volunteering opportunities and internships. You’ll find your true potential by overcoming those challenges and continuously growing through creativity and innovation.
  3. Enjoy participation – There is no other organization on earth that would get you to celebrate and enjoy every single occasion to the maximum and bring youthful enthusiasm out of your system than the AIESEC.
  4. Acting sustainably – creating a mindset that is not just to think of the present but also about the future generations and taking wise steps in the right direction through living sustainably. 
  5. Activating leadership – from getting to lead by example to showing empathy and compassion and inspiring others to teach as well. 
  6. Living diversity – freedom to be who you are and to be accepted in a non-judgmental society that AIESEC has created, embracing each other’s differences as strengths. 

Therefore, as the youth and AIESECers, we are provided with a grand stage filled with opportunities to develop our potential and leadership through these values and showcase how we can make a better impact on this world and the society we live in. But in the end, there’s one last question to be asked. 


Are you ready to take up the challenge of becoming the best leader you can be?

Penned by Semin Balasuriya
Content Writer, AIESEC in SLIIT

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