AIESEC focuses on empowering youth to make the world a better place, by fostering leadership skills within young people and entrusting them to become value-driven leaders who can change the world by overcoming obstacles. As you are aware, the word “PEACE” has had a significant influence on AIESEC from its inception. Even the purpose of AIESECers is ‘striving for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential’. 

Everyone should be at peace with themselves and with others while interacting toward success. Young leaders will be instructed on these six values by AIESEC so that they can ensure the establishment of peace wherever they go and in any circumstance. By,

  •  Activating leadership
  • Acting sustainably
  •  Striving for excellence
  • Living diversity
  • Enjoying participation
  • Demonstrating integrity, AIESECers strive to fulfill their mission.

 “Values are the guiding principles that help you determine what is right or wrong”. Knowing the AIESEC values is not enough as they must be lived. AIESECers are privileged with a ton of incredible opportunities where they can use their potential to spread these values among communities all over the world in a variety of ways.

Simply wait and reflect. What does “striving for excellence” mean exactly? When we pursue excellence, we push ourselves to provide the highest order work in everything we do. If there is no peace, what good does it do to be the best at anything?

However, “PEACE” does not always imply the absence of a war. It has numerous facets. We might argue, which people do tend to do. Everyone can arrive at successful solutions by incorporating a little “PEACE” at the end of the day. “PEACE” fulfills its duty in this manner.

Nevertheless, how can we determine the precise moment to allow “PEACE” to accomplish its purpose? AIESEC comes into play in this situation. As was already mentioned, by participating in various functions, one can develop their unique skill sets while also assisting others in their AIESEC journey. 

From what I’ve observed as yet, I’m confident that AIESEC will always show you the way out of striving for excellence in whatever you are passionate about, whether you are just starting out or have already achieved a lot. And you’ve just witnessed something I’m passionate about. 

Congratulations to all AIESECers on making it this far!


Authored By,
Apoorwa Amarathunga
Content Writer
AIESEC in University of Colombo

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