For over 75 years, AIESEC has been transforming youth into young leaders worldwide. AIESEC in Sri Lanka also continues its journey by nurturing youth across the country. About a decade ago, Unilever Sri Lanka joined this mission, enhancing and enriching its purpose through collaboration. Together, Unilever and AIESEC in Sri Lanka have empowered thousands of young people to lead the future by providing an inclusive platform to develop themselves.

A collaboration of purpose

Unilever Sri Lanka aims to make sustainable living commonplace through their unique brands. Young People are crucial in achieving this ambition because they are the next generation’s leaders. Likewise, AIESEC in Sri Lanka stands strong with its primary vision to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. The youth being the driving force behind this, AIESEC strives to transform youth into value-driven leaders. Therefore, the two organizations joined hands for a common purpose with shared values intertwined: facilitating youth to become purposeful leaders in a more positive and inclusive environment.

The way forward

Unilever Sri Lanka is committed to empowering around one hundred thousand young people by 2025. AIESEC in Sri Lanka, undoubtedly, plays an integral role in this mission. This partnership, spanning over a decade, is a dynamic and mutual collaboration. Unilever Sri Lanka fosters purposeful leadership within their workplace, while AIESEC develops young leaders through challenging cross-cultural experiences. Through National Leadership Development Seminars and Conferences of AIESEC, Unilever shares their expertise with the next generation, as these AIESEC conferences serve as the ideal place for Unilever Sri Lanka to empower youth. Looking forward, Unilever Sri Lanka aims to strengthen this partnership by creating even better and bigger opportunities for Sri Lankan youth, encouraging them to take the lead in the corporate sector.

Thereby, this enduring partnership between Unilever and AIESEC in Sri Lanka resonates with the power of collaboration, driven by shared values and a clear purpose. Together they create a meaningful impact and serve a greater cause.


Written by

Nethma Hettigedara

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National Showcasing Team 23.24

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