Twinery Innovations by MAS, the source of innovations for MAS, built along Innovation, Digital and Sustainability is the largest apparel and textile manufacturer in the South Asian region. However, the uniqueness of Twinery does not lie in being a pioneer in the industry but also in being a perfect partner and their attempts to co-create values collaborating with different organisations.

Today, the story of the partnership that is to be unveiled is between Twinery Innovations by MAS and AIESEC in Sri Lanka.

Why did Twinery Innovations by MAS and AIESEC in Sri Lanka come together?

The two parties are driven by values mirrored by one another making Twinery Innovations by MAS and AIESEC in Sri Lanka come together as partners for a purposeful collaboration. When Twinery Innovations by MAS is firm about being in business with honesty and integrity, AIESEC in Sri Lanka considers demonstrating integrity as one of its core values. Moreover, both parties are passionately striving for excellence while ensuring living diversity with respect and mutual understanding.

Based on such likely and mirroring values, the two organisations are seriously involved in making value for the people and the planet.

What makes Twinery Innovations by MAS and AIESEC in Sri Lanka perfect partners?

Twinery Innovations by MAS and AIESEC in Sri Lanka become the best partners owing to what they have to offer for the community making value and a difference in society. Twinery Innovations by MAS is a treasure trove of opportunities to which AIESEC in Sri Lanka is a collection of talent which is diverse locally and globally.

Accordingly, the availability of opportunities and youth talent from the two ends which can be put together carefully makes this collaboration effective and stronger promising a sustainable future.

How to envision the future of this partnership?

There is a lot of hope and positivity around this partnership which promises a strong way into the future continuing the efforts together up to now. Both parties aim to match the right opportunity with the appropriate talent which inspires individuals to take the challenge and try out the opportunities to find the best match for their talent.

Accordingly, both parties are hoping for a sustainable future together polishing up youth talent while co-creating value for people and the planet.

Written by

Pavani Premarathne

Lead Journalist

National Showcasing Team 23. 24

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