Youth 4 Global Goals (Y4GG) is an initiative that aims to activate young people to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also referred to as the Global Goals and Agenda 2030.
The simple framework allows organizations from different sectors to identify entry-points in working with youth around the SDGs. The core of the initiative is to drive by action by young people to create a better world and move beyond the traditional role in advocacy.

Youth4GG is an initiative powered by AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization with a global team based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, focused on engaging global partners (such as PwC, Asian Development Bank, UN-Habitat) ; driving global marketing campaigns; development strategies for Measurement of Impact (MoI) and supporting AIESEC entities to implement the framework.

In December 2015, AIESEC’s young global leaders and representatives from its 126 countries and territories gathered at the United Nations Headquarters to promote and drive youth participation in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by creating Youth 4 Global Goals initiative.
The initiative aims to educate youth about the SDGs and provide practical volunteering opportunities to unleash their potential while being an active world citizen. AIESEC believes that young people need to be strong partners in the achievement of the SDGs and Youth 4 Global Goals is aiming to become an umbrella for all the youth action towards SDGs.

Youth4GG is divided into three phases: Awareness, Understanding, and Action.


55% of the youth are not aware of the Sustainable Development Goals according to YouthSpeak Survey. This is why the first phase of Youth4GG initiative aims to spread awareness about the Goals among youth.

Before someone can take action, it is vital to create awareness about the significance of the SDGs and how important it is to work together towards them in a global movement.
Some of the awareness campaigns done by AIESEC on a global level are Youth4GG Profile Picture campaign, International Volunteer Day, 100 Days of SDGs, International day of tolerance and UN Envoy on Youth Post.


AIESEC wants youth to understand how the Sustainable Development Goals are embedded in their everyday life and daily choices they make as human beings.
Someone understands an SDG when they know at least one target of any SDG and understand how to take relevant action to contribute towards its completion.
This is where YouthSpeak Forums fit into the picture. It is an event which brings together youth, NGOs, corporate representatives, and government officials to have conversations and more importantly work towards creating an action plan for pressing issues.


The third and most important phase of Youth4GG is Action.
It is considered that a person takes action if he/she is actively contributing to SDGs through daily actions or projects. This is why AIESEC has aligned all Global Volunteer projects with the SDGs, so as to provide a platform for youth to directly contribute towards the targets of the SDGs.

Example: SDG #3 Good Health and Wellbeing
Hometown Project – Indonesia

10-16% adults almost all over the world experience the symptoms of kidney disease. In Indonesia, kidney failure is the 4th largest leading cause of death. The habit of consuming water is one way to maintain healthy kidneys.
Through the Hometown project, AIESEC strives to help its members together with volunteers to care for the healthiness of society in their hometown with activities to raise awareness around the importance of water consumption, kidney health, and a healthy lifestyle.

Youth4GG is a continuous journey and the global youth is an integral part of the equation to achieve SDGs.

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