The Global pandemic Covid-19 has made 20% of the global population stay indoors since last December. Many countries had to lock down their countries to stop the virus from spreading. Sri Lanka also had to close its airports, harbors, schools, universities, government and private offices and companies to stop the spreading of this pandemic. Since the outbreak of the virus, our government officers try their best to help people in every possible way they can. The government focus on making people aware of the public safety protocols due to the current situation. The government has established public safety protocols to make people well informed on the guidelines people have to follow for their safety. Following the guidelines are important to stop this pandemic spreading, especially when the country is trying to return to normalcy.

Safety first with aiesec Campaign

AIESEC in Sri Lanka started a social media campaign called Safetyfirstwithaiesec to control and prevent the spread of Covid-19. The Safety first with aiesec campaign outlines the public safety protocols that we should follow at the workplaces and other public and private entities. AIESEC in Sri Lanka is doing this campaign to broaden the knowledge of people as they are necessary for us to be safe. Even the TV and Radio stations are trying to make people aware of the public safety protocols through television and radio programs. AIESEC organization is doing a social media campaign to reach more people in society who are much closer to social media. The guidelines are simple to follow which makes it easy for people to adopt them into their lives. So doing a creative social media campaign can make more people learn about safety protocols.
traveling - public safety protocols social media campaign - AIESEC

Crowds are not allowed in public transport methods- public safety protocols social media campaign – AIESEC

The campaign consists of not just the necessary guidelines. It also consists of safety precautions and emergency numbers which are necessary for unexpected emergencies such as,
  1.  Workplace COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan
  2. Instructions for the Staff at Service Counters, Offices and Workplace
  3.  Public Transport
  4.  Steps to Follow After Returning Home
  5.  Event and Public Gathering
  6.  Responsibilities of the Management
  7.  Restaurants and Dining Practices
  8.  At University
  9. In Case of an Infected Person Detected at Workplace
  10. Supermarket and Economic Centers

Why AIESEC in Sri Lanka doing this?

university - public safety protocols social media campaign - AIESEC

Gatherings are not encouraged in universities – public safety protocols social media campaign – AIESEC

The largest youth organization, AIESEC is known for making the young generation learn and understand the cultures around the world through cross-cultural exchanges. Also, AIESEC organization is a place where young people can develop their leadership qualities. This time AIESEC in Sri Lanka started this campaign with the help of youth in the country to spread awareness which still lacks in the country. While doing that most of the young generation get awareness and with their involvement, all the other generations can learn safety protocols. AIESEC organization is a youth organization and it also has members of all the ethnic groups in the country. So the campaign will be shared among all the ethnic groups. When the young generation gets involve in spreading awareness of safety protocols around the society it can be effective. People do not read an operational guideline book in general. But people do use social media daily. So doing this kind of campaign can be helpful to spread awareness of safety guidelines to society. Because most of the people see the campaign, see the posters and they will read the posts.

The Importance of AIESEC being involved in spreading awareness of the safety guidelines.

The safety protocols are not any different than the safety protocols of the ministry of health. They are the same operational guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. The posters of each category explain the protocols well. Posters help to make every person who reads them understand them easily. With the campaign Safety first with AIESEC, they have also shared a questionnaire to check the knowledge of people about safety protocols. This helps to understand the knowledge people get from the campaign. Members of AIESEC shared the guidelines on social media (Facebook, Twitter). They also put the profile picture frames and captions to spread the idea “Safety First”.
Last modified: July 2, 2020