“A vision outline the values you hold and the more meaningful contribution people can have as they pursue that vision.”

-John Michela-

Are you a young leader passionate about having a long term vision?

Why need a long term vision?

You’ll need a long term vision to guide your daily activities, projects, and interactions with others to make the most of your limited time and resources. In order to keep your focus on the most important aspects of your life, you need to keep an eye on the big picture.

When you have a long term vision, you try to put more effort into reaching your final goal. To make things easier, you can plan steps to achieve your final goal, ensuring you won’t be distracted from the external effects. Reviewing your own goals will help you to focus on only the ways of reaching your ultimate goal.

In everyday life

Sometimes it seems as though setbacks are something that happens regularly. How you deal with these obstacles will determine how far you can go to achieve your goals. Daily duties that make you question your routine might be the underlying problem. Problems arose when people expected to depart or provide discouraging comments without warning. Keeping a good attitude and avoiding these distractions is the most challenging part of moving ahead.

The Reality

There’s no such thing as a straight path in life. When you have a long term vision, you tend to stop thinking in terms of one possible conclusion and start thinking in terms of many potential possibilities. It allows you to be a realist, and embracing the reality that we can never know what the future holds is the aim here, not giving up on your long-term goal. The quest’s goal is to keep moving ahead and not get dragged down by little setbacks.

Having a long term vision helps us believe and remind ourselves that we have a goal to reach. As we all have an idea about what we want to achieve to gain ultimate satisfaction, it helps us stay positive in every situation. It automatically trains our brains to maintain a flexible mindset to cope with whatever the world throws at us. 

When you build your long term vision, it’ll help you to have hope in your life, believe in yourselves and reach your aimed goals safely.


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