There is a hidden leader inside all of us. All we want is a platform to take those skills out. Joining AIESEC is one of the best decisions I made in my life and the decision that taught me who I am.

AIESEC is a youth platform that helps us develop leadership skills. Being an AISECer is the dream of many students. I am very proud to be a person who made that dream come true.

My AIESEC Journey began in May 2021, with the start of the summer peak. Being selected for AIESEC is not as easy as it seems. I had a formal yet very friendly selection interview. I would say I learned a lot of things even in this first meeting with an AISECer. When I realized that I had been selected for AIESEC, I was delighted and was waiting to learn new things.

After getting selected, we had a virtual induction for a week. That was really fun with all the other newbies, and I don’t think the Covid situation back then affected that even a bit since we made a hundred percent output.

After the induction, we got separated into our functions. I was lucky enough to be an ICX Matching an IR function member and started my new journey as an IGT matching panelist. Even though I was empty-minded, I got a crystal clear idea of what is happening in the function through the informative training we had. As a Matching panelist, my role was to check the CVs we are getting from exchange participants, communicate with them, and do the selection interviews from the AIESEC side. 

Being a Matching panelist, I got a beautiful experience since I could meet amazing faces out of the country. And the time I had with my peer members was unforgettable. Although everything happened on online platforms, we had the funniest time together, and our bond is still getting stronger. 

In winter peak, I applied for the Team leader position, and it took a very short time to prove that it was another substantial decision I have made in my life. I could work with a fantastic leadership crew, and they are more like a family to me. I would never hesitate to say that I got to work with the best team someone could have in life. We could achieve our targets while making a bunch of memories. We proved that Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Now I am working as IGT Matching Manager, and again I have been honored to have a set of amazing personalities to work with. We brainstorm new strategies and processes to help us overcome all the outside barriers to achieve our functional goals. We are looking forward to giving our best and showing off that nothing can stop us from being a success at the end of the day. Another milestone of my AIESEC journey is applying for JST. I didn’t even think I would be able to be a part of JST, and now I’m here improving my creativity. Though it is quite challenging to balance all my work, I could manage everything and try to give my maximum contribution since AIESEC has taught us how to balance our work.

It is said that leadership is where a person is doing their best. AIESEC is the place that taught me who is a true leader and raised the leader inside me. I have achieved so much during this short journey. I am always thanking myself for my decision to be a part of AIESEC. 

Why do we need to wait to do the things we love? Do it now. Accept the challenges life gives you.

By Uma Wijesooriya
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