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Ways for you to develop yourself

Global Volunteer

Global Volunteer

Ambitious enough to believe you can make a positive impact in our world?  We believe you can, through volunteering towards the UN Global Goals!

  • 6-12 Weeks duration
  • International NGO or school
  • International certificate
  • Visa support

Global Entrepreneur

Just Graduated? What’s next? Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and your career with an internship at an international startup!

  • 6-12 Weeks duration
  • Work in a international startup
  • International Certificate
  • Visa Support

Global Talent

Searching for the next opportunity to level yourself up through a professional experience? Differentiate yourself through an international internship!

  • 6-78 Weeks duration
  • Work at a international company
  • International Certificate
  • Visa Support

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3. Let's go

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20 Dec 2018

Randila Kulathilake

“Best experience was learning how to make Cappuccino. It was fascinating to me.

I got to know so many new people and I learned so many new things in this country including the culture and their language.

I definitely improved my communication skills. I also learned how to appreciate the cultural differences with an open mind.”

1 Jan 2019

punsara kariyawasam

“I was lucky enough to grab such an enchanting and enlightening opportunity by being a part of the project “Discover school’s Winter edition’19” which was conducted by AIESEC local committee, Oradea Romania on last winter. The project was under ‘quality education’. I was assigned to conduct education sessions for the primary school kids, which was intended to raise the Romanian education system by making an impact for 1% of Romanian population.”

1 July 2018

gamidu wickramaarachchi

“It’s good and excited. And everything is different here in Italy. Kind of a new experience for me. They are very unique and their thinking pattern is different from us. They are good but that goodness is not like ours. I don’t know how to explain and their bond among family members is very strong. Same like in Sri Lanka”

1 August 2018

Duneesha Thathsaranee

“It was an absolute privilege to get this wonderful opportunity,filled with love and joy during my entire volunteer period.”

1 June 2018

Lahiru Udayanga

“This amazing experience includes the best days of my life so I’ll pick volunteering over travelling anytime anyday..”

1 June 2018


“During the project I got to hangout with a lot of people from different countries and try a lot of amazing food. Participating helped me make a lot of friends in different countries and made me grow as a person. It was amazing”
1 June 2018

Ayodya Samali

“I’m so extremely grateful I had the opportunity to travel in Europe. I loved the time I was able to spend there so much so that I didn’t want to come home! Until next time Europe..for now I’ll just think of all the beautiful memories and experiences you gave me.”

3 December 2018

Shehan Hettiarachchi

“Europe is a place that I didn’t experience a lot of culture shock.Of course, many things are different than in Sri Lanka, but nothing too extreme that I felt uncomfortable. Italians are very outgoing, and it’s quite easy to make relationships and it takes a while to make real friends that you can trust.Best experience so far in my life”

1 June 2018


“I participated in an english teaching project in Vietnam as a global volunteer.I had the best time during my AIESEC exchange.It led me to experience things that I never would have if I was just another tourist.I got to meet some amazing people from all over the world and learn a lot about other cultures.I learnt how to be more independent, how to develop myself and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to go back and do it all over again”

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