NLDS: National Leadership Development Seminar is one of the major conferences in the calendar of AIESEC Sri Lanka. This year’s NLDS was held on the 15th,16th and 17th of October 2021 via the Zoom Platform pertaining to the current external environment of the country.

The NLDS delegation consisted of the Executive Boards and the skilled membership of the 5 Local Committees and 3 Official Expansions of AIESEC Sri Lanka. With sessions focusing on AIESEC 2025 culture- Own the present, Shape the future and Lead the change, the membership was given the opportunity to experience the culture of AIESEC through this 3 days virtual conference. Membership engagement was delivered through fun teams, events such as family hunt & theme party and virtual sugar cubes enhancing the culture of the organization. Along with the support of 2 conference partners, 8 Associate partners and 10+ gift partners, a sustainable and a successful conference was held utilizing the platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram for the purpose of ensuring the registration of 500+ delegates and active participation of 100+ delegates throughout the conference. The necessary knowledge with respect to the functions of AIESEC and also general AIESEC sessions were facilitated concerning the membership distribution among different roles. 

A sneak peek into the AIESEC Sri Lanka Roadmap, HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Launch, and an exceptional session on powerful stories representing different regions were some of the key highlights of NLDS which enhanced the flow of the conference with some great value addition. So in general this can be recognized as a successful strive towards making the membership of AIESEC Sri Lanka properly aligned with both the educational aspects and cultural elements of AIESEC with the ultimate objective of developing more youth leaders for the future world.

Watch the event recaps on the AIESEC Sri Lanka Youtube Channel

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