The NextGen AIESECer Program is the first initiative of developing a structured membership development program for the membership of AIESEC in Sri Lanka following the global direction of improving the membership experience of AIESEC. This will be an Entity Roadmap project which will be implemented in five phases and it is expected to achieve the final outcome through the program by 2023.

4 weeks

12 skills

9 submissions

40 individuals
in 8 teams

Transform yourself into the industry's ideal candidate

What you can Gain!

Enhance your employability

Refine your competencies in a challenging environment.

Develop and refine skills

Equip yourself with the most demanding qualities and skills of the industry.

network with industry professionals

Practice of developing professional relationships and utilizing those relationships will help you achieve your career goals in the future.

Recognize your competencies

Obtain a certification and a LinkedIn endorsement upon completion of the program.

Add value to your CV

Improve your resume and cover letter with leadership capacity-building and experience.

Give yourself an edge in the job market

Add your profile into the National AIESEC portal shared with corporates and open gates to a bright future.

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Program Timeline

14th - 28th June 2021
16th June - 7th July 2021
18th June 2021
21st June - 4th July 2021
4th - 17th July 2021
4th July 2021
6th July 2021
8th July 2021
10th July 2021
11th July 2021


Program opening and AIESEC Quiz opening

Intro to interviews

Interview Video and CV

Group Discussion

AIESEC Way, LDM, Exchange Standards

Project Intro

Introduction of the project

Corporate Sessions

Eleven corporate sessions

Project Closing

Closing of the Initial Project

Project Task

PESTEL Analysis

Group Networking

Global Topics & One Pagers 

Assessment Centre

Competency Assessment 

Program Closing

Closing of the Pilot Program

AIESEC Knowledge

Check your knowledge category here. 

  • General
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Specialist
  • Manager/Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • New Member

Organizational Knowledge


Leadership Development Model




Functional Knowledge

Exchange Standards

AIESEC Acronyms

Operational Knowledge to assist

EB Management

Crisis Handling

Team Standards

GET Process Knowledge

Compendium Knowledge

Knowledge on Training

Knowledge on Rewarding

Thorough Functional knowledge and Management

Strategic Decision Making

Functional Year Plan mapping

Team Standards

Compendium Knowledge

GET Process Knowledge

Knowledge on Training

Knowledge on Rewarding

Thorough Functional knowledge and Management

Team Standards

GET Process knowledge

Team Standards

Performance tracking and evaluation

Functional knowledge

Team Standards

Performance tracking and evaluation

Functional knowledge

Synergy mapping

Sustainable Development Goals

Operational Routines (Front & Back office knowledge)

Journey Mapping

Blue Book


12 Skills You'll Get to Learn

Develop the most in-demand qualities and skills to transform yourself into the industry's ideal candidate. Here's what you'll be equipped with.  

  • Social & communication skill 
  • Critical thinking & problem solving 
  • Project Management 
  • Team, work & collaboration
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Global Awareness 
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Digital Savviness 
  • Work ethics & personal grooming
  • Growth Mindset 


Session Output

Session 01: Recruitment and Selection in the Digital Age

The first session of NextGen AIESECer was conducted by Ms. Rovina Vandersay, Head of Human Resources at Azend Technologies.

Session 02: Data and AI

The second session of NextGen AIESECer was conducted by Ms. Chathusha Wijenayake, Consultant – Technology (Data Science) at Virtusa and Member Committee Vice President – Business Development 16/17 of AIESEC Sri Lanka.

Way Forward

This is the second phase of the NextGen AIESECer Program which is open only to selected members. This program is the initial step of developing a more structured membership development and engagement program which will finally end up with a National Portal of skilled AIESECers opening their gates to a brighter future. We always believe that true AIESECers with specified qualities and values as mentioned in our leadership development model need to be highlighted and there journey of success start just after leaving AIESEC.

In the future this program is expected to run in a consistent manner twice a year with the start of each team cycle. A member gets the opportunity to engage in different levels of the program while moving up the ladder in AIESEC.

Level 01


Level 02

Team Member

Level 03

Team Leader

Level 04


Level 05

Executive Board & Above



The project duration is 4 weeks. 

Zoom links will be provided for each session, including project activities and corporate sessions. 

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