“Earth is what we all have in common.” 

Are you mindful of the truth that the rate of pollution on earth is expanding by 7.5% per month? This is the bitter truth about the god-given heaven we live in. So why don’t we defend, conserve and protect the paradise we live in.

As a timely measure to this, AIESEC in University of Moratuwa, a global youth-led organization, propelled a project called EARTH 10.0 with the targets of conducting impactful tree planting campaigns, environmental cleaning campaigns while raising the mindfulness around the climatic crisis. 

Teejay Lanka PLC, a leading cotton-based printing plant offering rotary screen and digital printing facilities for woven and knitted fabrics, spearheaded the project by facilitating the project initiatives on numerous occasions. While providing comprehensive solutions in knitting, dyeing, finishing, and printing as a manufacturing entity, Teejay Lanka affirms that the sustainability of their brand ultimately depends on the sustainability of the communities and environment they are a part of.  Teejay Lanka was thrilled to join hands with a global youth-led organization, like AIESEC, to encourage community development through the voice of youth.

By virtue of the rewarding partnership with Teejay Lanka, Earth 10.0 was able to accomplish the following deeds.

Conducting tree planting campaigns and planting nearly 2000 plants islandwide, 500 plants at Sandunpura MV & 1500 plants at Dehiaththakandiya MMV.

Environmental cleanup campaigns. Cleanup at Patna, Deniyaya in collaboration with project Aqua. Cleanup at Paragaswewa Lake, Dehiaththakandiya.

Displaying display boards/notices on stopping pollution at sensitive environmental locations where the cleanups were conducted. Conducting a tree plantation competition through social media. A quiz challenge to test the knowledge on climate change, a poster and article design competition on the topic of environmental conservation, a 4R scavenger hunt to raise awareness on the importance of 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) were also conducted even within the limitations that an online platform provided.

Conducting webinars on environmental protection by industry specialists in the environmental sector. Conducting awareness sessions among school students at Dehiaththakandiya MMV to make them aware of waste management. Donating water hoses and garbage bins after the sessions to each school.

As Teejay Lanka is determined to embark on endeavors to lead awareness on sustainability, reforestation, carbon emission reduction, and chemical discharge minimization,  they were unhesitant in fully cooperating with AIESEC in University of Moratuwa to realize these milestones.  Ultimately, project Earth 10.0 was an outright success as it was able to go above-par on all the targets that were set out to achieve with  Teejay Lanka.

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