Did you know that according to a study done, 90% of employees said that they feel more comfortable working in co-working spaces?

To bring that confidence and empowering feel to our dear membership, We have partnered with KOLAB, which provides creative co-working spaces that help the future leaders head towards success. 

What exactly is KOLAB? With the mindset of creating more inspirational individuals who are bold enough to make powerful decisions, KOLAB provides Coworking spaces to enthusiastic leaders to join their extensive combination of creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs to create something of your own. With a range of private working spaces to collaborative working spaces and meeting rooms, KOLAB has all the needs covered to help one explore their creativity.

Partnered with in 2021, KOLAB’ first touchpoint was making available their creative spaces for our National Leadership Body to carry out the “Learnings to Practice – Future Leaders by Sandbox” session which was aimed at inspiring our youth leaders to be empowered and solution oriented amongst any challenging situation. 

More collaborations with KOLAB is in the agenda and we are excited to transform this partnership to one which creates leaders with potential who focus on their strengths over their weaknesses. 

Here’s to more bold and energetic leadership gatherings! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see more amazing partnership content -> AISESC Sri Lanka

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