Strong organizations are formed upon identifying needs in the market and innovating solutions to address those needs. BatteryLab is one such example. Not too far in the past, the options for fixing, failing HV batteries (also known as Hybrid batteries) were limited. On one end, we had ridiculously expensive new batteries and the other end we had used batteries imported from Japan with unpredictable performance, yet expensive. The need for a product that was reliable, yet affordable was a desperate requiremnt in the market. 

Developing a quantifiable value proposition is key in viable product development and sustainable marketing. A re-energized or re-manufactured HV battery that costs a fraction of a new battery price but lasted, almost as long as a new battery was an attrctive goal for BatteryLab to address this need.

Prasad James, an electrical engineer himself, with more than 24 years of extensive executive leadership roles at General Electric – GE (USA), led a team of Software/Hardware engineers to partner with world renowned Material and Battery chemists and equipment manufacturerers to develop an array of solutions for the local market. The idea was to delight its customers by providing world-class solutions for Hybrid battery problems.

As a leading company in its industry, BatteryLab believes that its goals are simply driven by process rigour, financial discipline and product quality. Leadership is key to executing this agenda and it continuously seeks to partner with the country’s emerging leaders with fresh and imaginative ideas and  a relentless thirst for speed to get things done.

The journey of this amazing partnership began as they joined hands for Tribute’21, where BatteryLab became the signature partner. “Tribute” is the Annual awarding ceremony of AIESEC in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, where its best-performing AIESECers are rewarded for their talent, hard work, dedication, and accomplishments in the presence of a huge audience of their parents, undergraduates, and corporate partners. So this was indeed a good platform for BatteryLab to encourage young leaders and let them blossom under their shade. 

BatteryLab and AIESEC in USJ look forward to collaborating in future endeavors to nourish future leaders to be successful in global platforms. 

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