Did you know that there are approximately 3.7 billion Google searches happening every day? The most searched term is “Google” itself. 

Technology has greatly impacted the way in which people work and execute basic daily tasks. AIESEC Sri Lanka has understood the shift in waves towards the digital & technology field and the importance it holds as a skill or even a  qualification. Taking into account this shift, AIESEC Sri Lanka established a much purposeful Digital Knowledge partnership with Arimac Lanka, Sri Lanka’s premier end-to-end digital solutions provider in Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies, and Game Design and Development etc. 

The partnership towards the digital revolution began in 2020 and within this short period, together, we have been able to offer the digital enthusiasts and others a platform to learn & develop their technological skills and assist them in understanding the importance of adapting to a technology-based environment. 

Our main touchpoints so far were:

  • “Arimac Hero” Student Ambassador Program – Arimac Hero was the ambassador program that was conducted to guide, train and nurture a selected set of undergraduates and pave the way to build future leaders of technology in Sri Lanka. The ambassador experience gave the selected undergraduates the technology skill improvement they needed, personal branding and the opportunity to master corporate skills which would make them flawlessly prepared for life after university. Taking this initiative forward, we were able to produce 13 Tech Ambassadors representing many universities of Sri Lanka. 
  • “Arimac Future Cast” Digital Movement- Stepping away from the typical sense of a movement, This collaborative movement of Arimac and AIESEC Sri Lanka to minimize the digital division of Sri Lankan youth and to give them the right to step into the digital world. This movement gave the audience to interact with many industry experts while engaging in “Techie Discussions” to forecast the future of Sri Lankan Technology with an experience Beyond the Norm. The Arimac Future Cast Ideathon which was organized in line with this was also an interesting segment of this event. The overwhelming responses that our youth provided on ways in which we can incorporate technology to solve a social problem that they see needs immediate attention only portrays the creative innovativeness of our members and digital enthusiasts. More event details and snippets from -> http://bit.ly/Future_Cast 

Arimac and AIESEC have one attribute in common; that is digital transformation. Therefore, together, We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything that we do and through creativity &  innovation we seek to continuously improve while striving for excellence. 

Here’s to more digitally disruptive leadership touchpoints and creating even more impactful stories together! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Arimac has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka

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