The National Committee of AIESEC Sri Lanka hosted their national functional summits for the national and entity leadership bodies in the months of August, December and January.  

Presidents' Summit

The President Summit was conducted on 18th and 19th of December 2021 at the Member Committee Office of AIESEC Sri Lanka in Maharagama. This summit is mainly focusing on the talent pipeline of the presidents in AIESEC University establishments in Sri Lanka.

The summit mainly focused on the essence of the organization, departmental understanding, strategic decision making through experiences, team management, synergy management and understanding the scope of the president role while connecting to external and internal environments through practical simulation and informative sessions.  



Our main objective was to give the newly elected presidents in AIESEC University establishments a head start and a proper clarity to drive their local entities towards our main aspiration, which is to develop youth leadership.

Business Development Summit

The Business Development Summit for the Sales Teams of AIESEC Sri lanka was held on the 7th August 2021 virtually on Zoom. The outgoing Business Development Commission for the term 21.22 along with the Member Committee Vice President , facilitated the sessions.

The Summit was organized with the objective of providing the necessary knowledge for all members to carry out their roles well specially in a time where Business Development was the focused product and the sustainability of the entities were mainly dependent on BD. Another objective of the summit was to establish and nurture a good Business Development Culture in the entities that could be continued for years to come.

The summit included knowledge sharing spaces,pitching sessions and fun activities and the participants got the opportunity to interact with members from other entities ,create friends and share ideas and insights.

Marketing & Digital Experience Summit

The functional summit for Marketing & Digital Experience was held on 18th & 19th December 2021 at the Member Committee Office premises of AIESEC Sri Lanka with the participation and facilitation of current and elected Local Committee & Official Expansion Vice Presidents for brand and product marketing. The summit was conducted with the theme “Think Outside the Box.”

Aligning with this theme, the summit was organized with the aim of creating a space for elect vice presidents to get an overview of both Brand & Product Marketing  and onboarding them for the strategic direction of AIESEC Sri Lanka for Term 22.23, while honing their creativity through team activities and spaces.

Outgoing Global Talent Summit

The functional summit for Outgoing Global Talent was held on 19th December 2021 at the Member Committee Office premises of AIESEC Sri Lanka with the participation of current and elected Local Committee Vice Presidents. As per the main objective of this summit, necessary functional knowledge with respect to the go-to areas for term 22.23 were downscaled to the elected Vice Presidents. 

This was facilitated by the Current Vice Presidents along with the practical experiences they went through, ensuring proper consolidation of all the good case practices and processes within the local entities which proved to be productive. oGT Custom Funnel, International Relations management, Attraction management, Lead nurturing and Exchange standards fulfillment made up the scope of delivery for this functional summit through which we believe the function can be assisted towards a growth during the term 22.23.

Incoming Global Talent Summit

The National Summit of iGT was held on 28th of December at the Member Committee Office premises of AIESEC Sri Lanka with the participation of current (gen 21.22) and elected (gen 22.23) Local Committee Vice Presidents. The core objective of the summit was downscaling of the experiential functional knowledge gathered by the Current Local Committee Vice Presidents to the Elect Local Committee Vice Presidents, while giving a space to become acquainted with each other. 


The functional sessions were conducted in the areas of iGT History and Ownership, Customer Funnel, Sales and Partner Management, IR and Matching, and Value Delivery. Apart from that, sessions on Member Engagement, Management, and internal culture were also conducted to give Elected Vice Presidents an understanding about good case practices and improve their knowledge on laying internal processes. In summary, this summit was an opportunity for the Vice Presidents of gen 22.23 to get a head start on their term.

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