AIESEC Sri Lanka conducted the Largest National Youth Leadership Development Conference of the Year.

As AIESEC, we are determined to develop young people. To make this happen, AIESEC  Sri Lanka successfully conducted NATCON’22, the largest national youth leadership development conference at Citrus Waskaduwa on the 8th,9th, and 10th of April. The 3 day conference laid the foundation for the newly elected leadership bodies of AIESEC Sri Lanka to prepare for the upcoming year, hence this was a critical phase in the AIESEC calendar. Thereby, with a whole new dimension and understanding of the sort of leadership the world needs, the conference was bound to be one of epic proportions. 


The conference was conducted with the engagement 260 delegates from the leading universities of Sri Lanka including University of Colombo, University of Moratuwa, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Kelaniya, University of Ruhuna, University of Peradeniya, SLIIT and NSBM. The young leaders who participated in the conference were university undergraduates seeking leadership development, skill development and career prospects and senior undergraduates who are looking towards employability perspectives. Meeting all of these remarkable individuals under one roof was undoubtedly a unique opportunity for an organization. 

To make sure that the delegates become impactful leaders, a series of experiential sessions were organized. The sessions focused on leadership development with national facilitators, chaired by Piumal Tennakoon, former Member Committee President of AIESEC in Lithuania and former Member Committee Vice President of AIESEC Sri Lanka. The sessions included LEAD spaces, Activating Leadership Functional/exchange simulation, Lead Innovate Evolve: The present context and way forward for AIESEC Sri Lanka, space to interact with other delegates and networking spaces with mentors to enhance their potential skills while engaging in several leadership-centric spaces over the three-day event schedule. 

Among the highlights of the event was the Outbound Training which enhanced the performance and teamwork of the delegates through use of experiential learning activities and games. 

Gala Night

The conference’s most glamorous night, with dynamic  awards, gratitude, shoutouts, The Gala Night, the Awarding ceremony of AIESEC Sri Lanka for the membership was held where the tremendous performances and dedication of the members of AIESEC were rewarded with the utmost aim of encouraging them to be the future advocates of change. AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura won the The Most Outstanding Local Committee Award while AIESEC in University of Ruhuna won the The Most Outstanding Official Expansion Award. Apoorva Ekanayake was rewarded as The Best Young Leader and Gayashi Kavindi as The Best Emerging Young Leader. 

Our Partners

NatCon 2022  was delivered successfully in strict accordance with health and safety requirements exceeding the planned outcomes as well. It would not have been successful without the support given by our partners including

Stax – Exclusive title partner, Technomedics International (Pvt) Ltd, –  exclusive healthcare partner, SOZO – beverage partner for gala night and outbound training, Unilever – national talent partner, Innovate –  exclusive youth partner and Nestlé – official beverage partner.

Hello TV and Hello Radio – exclusive media partner, Mark &Comm – PR partner also helped us to bring Natcon 2022 to perfection.

The impact made via the conference was incredible, which in fact shows the enthusiasm of the Sri Lankan youth in contributing towards the betterment of the country. The enormous favorable response from both the AIESEC Sri Lanka membership and the external partners engaged attests to the event’s success, which was held on an even larger scale than prior years in terms of its importance in developing youth leaders. NatCon 2022 which was organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka made a  huge impact showcasing the potential of our youth and affirming the fact that the youth in our country can be utilized  in uplifting the nation in a sustainable manner. 

Await the launch of the Official Photo Album and After movie on our social media platforms! 

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