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1st of June - 13th of July 2021


Good Health and Well-being


To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages by 2030

What is Minisa?

This is a project of the Minisa chain aiming to develop the skills and talents of kids who are born with special abilities (down syndrome, hyperactive, mutes) between the age of 20-50 years. The group of interns will be expected to improve their English Language skills as well as develop their soft skills. It is expected that the interns look after them with special care and provide the opportunity to develop their self-confidence.

What happens in Minisa?

Helping out people with special abilities is a fundamental humans should have. The Minisa project enables people to help develop the skills and talents of the adults and children born with special abilities (down syndrome, hyperactive, deaf) and organizing various activities in support. It is indeed a monumental project where volunteers will be impacted not just on a personal scale but on a mental level where in the volunteers understand and fathom the level of importance of the project. With this in mind, the volunteers not just leave a better human being themselves but also leave the adults and kids at Marcsri Homes that much mentally stronger.

Key Activities

Key Activities

  • Conducting sessions which include singing, narrating stories and playing games.
  • Entertaining the students by promoting their culture and traditions.
  • Organizing a talent show with the help of academic staff.
  • Raising awareness regarding mental well-being.

Activity Map

Marcsri Homes

The Marcsri Institute is a group of 9 homes (housing more than 280 residents) spread across Kalutara, Payagala, Beruwala, Wadduwa, and Ja-ela to provide shelter, compassion, and a family for destitute persons.


Aayushi Shah


From the time of setting foot in Sri Lanka, I was truly taken aback and was indeed a valuable experience personally.

Will Hodern


Coming to Sri Lanka was indeed an experience to cherish for years to come. Working in Minisa was an open eye-opener into the importance of SDG #3. Will definitely



It was definitely noticeable what kind of impact we had made in their lives. This was truly an amazing opportunity and this was indeed a life-changing experience.

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