LB SUMMIT; The place where vision, passion, and leadership transcended boundaries. 

This year, there was a Leadership Body Summit, a fantastic place where leaders in AIESEC in University of Colombo develop their vision more significant than their circumstances. It was a new experience that those who were in the Leadership Body in previous years could not get. Here, the leaders in AIESEC in University of Colombo for the summer of term 22.23 were very fortunate to witness and experience such an important training session to become better versions of themselves.

The LB summit happened physically at the university premises. The commencement was coloured with a check-in where different functions were mixed up, and the people were divided into 4 groups. The groups were given different fun questions just to get to know each other. After the check-in, the team leaders, managers, and specialists in the same teams got to play a scavenger hunt with a crossword puzzle where teamwork was emphasized. The hints for this puzzle were laid in different places. All the players had to run throughout the university to find the clues. At all these places, the teams were given different challenges, such as the caterpillar walk and doing the Roll Call of AIESEC in University of Colombo to engage and enjoy. 

Then came the time to get the ball rolling. The opening of the summit happened by introducing Facis to the leaders and setting the expectations for the day.

The first session was conducted by Mr.Sohan Wijegunawardane, about the passion one should have. He also mentioned the ‘Ikigai’ technique helping to find one’s pure bliss in life. The entire session was a great help to open the eyes of all the leaders in Central Colombo. Then the next faci, Mr Dehan Vithana started his session with an interesting game for the members to prove how important each and everyone plays in different positions no matter if they are an observer, communicator, or a robot. Then he explained how important it is to take ownership of your life and decisions.

After the lunch break, the Leaders were happily doing back-to-back jives and got energized for the rest of the day. Then, again as in the previous teams, all the teams were engaged in different activities to build their ability to be great team players. 

Then, our third and final faci for the day, Mr.Pasindu Mendis did an amazing session on his AIESEC journey years back. There, leaders got a very interesting and unique thing to do. Every one of them wrote a letter for their future self in another nine months and sealed it in an envelope. How cool is that? Then, the young and brave leaders of AIESEC in University of Colombo got their chance to appreciate and express their feelings in the sharing space. One by one, a few of the AIESECers took the opportunity to express their gratitude and happiness. Mr Pasindu showed the audience how important it is to give out a warm hug to the people they care for. 

The day was coming to an end so was the LB summit. The Executive Board especially got a special token for the whole Leadership Body, which was very cute, marking the LB Summit’s day. Everybody got together with so much love and sang a song together, and at the end, everyone took the final pictures of a memorable day for all the leaders in AIESEC in University of Colombo. 




Authored By,
Thiranja Jayasundara
People Management Team
AIESEC in University of Colombo


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