Did you know that according to International Labor Organization, youth represents 25% of the total employed population around the world? However, when it comes to the job market, 1 in 5 young people who are not in employment or training experience face barriers of finding passionate job opportunities. For many youth, it isn’t easy to find the perfect job that fits both their capabilities and passion.

AIESEC is a youth organization that constantly innovates leadership development experiences and engage with AIESEC initiatives while equipping youth with experience and skills to make them future-proof. Heading For The Future (H4TF) is our newest program offering youth the opportunity to prepare themselves for the future of work. 

H4TF is a simulated virtual working experience for young people who seek to discover their career path and build their local and international network. For four weeks, participants will be able to work with a partner company in a field of their choice while upskilling themselves and broadening their network. For Companies, H4TF is an opportunity to seek, train and hire potential youth while improving employer branding and brand visibility through platforms.


Our simulated virtual work experiences so far

Lead Program by AIESEC Sri Lanka was a Virtual Professional skills & Leadership development program conducted to improve the industry readiness of students who had completed their academics and were expecting to enter the industry. 

Similar to Heading for the Future, the program was a simulated virtual work experience for youth seeking to test their fields of choice and boost their career prospects. Over 60 participants from universities all over Sri Lanka were able to gain work experience through a  6-week-long internship opportunity in a field of their choice with one of the 20+ partner companies onboarded. 

Here are their stories:  

“On May 28th, 2021, I applied for the LEAD program initiated by AIESEC in Sri Lanka. First, I applied out of curiosity, but later I learned through the Coordinators from AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura that it’s more than just an opportunity. This virtual internship allowed me to interact with an amazing team of undergraduates who also seek to improve their skills and professionalism during this pandemic situation. I really enjoyed the flexibility of the internship and the understanding from my supervisor. It made me feel like I could learn more about this industry in this short period. 

During my internship, I was assigned to a team of KL.LK with one of my fellow interns to work on a renowned brand. Our task was to conduct market research from their selected group of competitors and also conduct virtual interviews from selected criteria. These tasks were challenging and also exciting. Also, it allowed me to improve my communication skills and interpersonal skills. My greatest challenges were time management and communication. Working remotely is definitely different, but it will become the new normal. Therefore this allowed me to have an understanding of how working from home looks like for many professionals. This was a great opportunity to gain work experience and gain connections anywhere from the comfort of your own home. This allowed me to develop a number of transferable skills in the business area I was previously not interested in. The LEAD internship program has motivated me to be more creative, and it enabled me to see this industry from a new angle.

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