Reach a simulated virtual work experience within a corporate where you can choose and test a career field of your choice with Heading for the Future

What is Heading For The Future?

Heading For The Future (H4TF) is a Vocational training program designed to give you the opportunity to discover your career path and passions through a series of simulated work experiences and practical training.

  • Choose and test the field of your choice with the help of industry professionals
  • Gain a local and national youth network
  • Enhance your soft and hard skills in a practical learning environment

If you join the H4TF program, you’ll be getting the opportunity to engage in a corporate project in a professional working environment which will give you proper guidance to explore answers to your questions and figure out what career suits you best.

What can carry off?

  • Increase in Corporate & Employer branding
  • Potentially retaining the participants as a permanent employee
  • Ability to hire with ease, We will take care of the attraction & recruitment process
  • An opportunity to have a better understanding of the demands & capabilities and workplace behaviors of Gen Zers
  • Innovative & Timely solutions to issues through youth insights 
  • Utilization of students for research & data analysis purposes
  • Access to the Talent pool 

Is H4TF Suitable for you?

You are currently enrolled in a degree in Information Technology but are not completely sure whether you want to pursue it as your career and would like some insight into what working in Technology is like.

You are currently enrolled in a Management degree and would like to fast-track your experience and stand out amongst other students studying Management. 

You are considering switching degrees to finance and would like some more insight into what working in finance is like before you make a decision.

How does this cover sustainability?

At university, 1 in 3 people switches majors at least once in their degree.

About 51% of students are not confident in their career path while at university and about 68% accept that they get stressed out about selecting a major.

The heading for the Future programs aims to give students more clarity and confidence in their career choice while building up a strong portfolio of experience while students are at studying.

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By Haseeba Wadood
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