Climate changes. Weather changes. Economic changes. The rise of authoritarianism. The devastating spread of pandemics that respect no boundaries. Now, the world is changing dramatically. Everything is transitioning.

Who can handle these situations? What do you think the world needs most now?

Yes, it is Value Driven Leaders.

A Value Driven Leader – Someone who develops, transforms and encourages its team to engage their value, sense, purpose, and intrinsic motivation to be part of something that contributes positively to the society.It is all about HOW you do WHAT you do, it is all about living your deeply held values.

We are in a dire need of more value driven leaders in this fast paced world. No matter how developed the world is, today, effective leadership skills are more than welcome as human beings need inspirational people. Leaders are ordinary people, but they have specific unique characteristics that they possess. For instance, they are passionate about leading others towards a specific goal and providing a better lifestyle for all. They know their capabilities and they want to utilize them in an efficient manner. In short, they would enable others to perform their best, making them realize the real purpose of life.

When decisions are based on the different values of people, it gets easier to lead people to the right path, to make correct decisions. If we lose track as to where we are headed, it is inevitable that we would face a huge crisis. As an example, Sri Lanka’s also currently facing corruptions due to lack of leadership. Not only Sri Lanka, Russia, Venezuela, Sudan and many other countries face it as well. This is precisely what the world needs right now. It needs leaders who are innovative, respectful towards others, and who know how to maintain relationships. 

As youngsters, WHAT is the best place for you to develop your leadership potential?

AIESEC is all about creating value driven leaders.

AIESEC is an international youth-run organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. AIESEC places the confidence of youth as they have the passion, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that are needed to change the world.

They have the responsibility to improve tomorrow than today.

In AIESEC the whole family including the presidents, vice presidents, managers, team leaders, and members learn how to act according to the Six Core Values in AIESEC.

What are these six core values?

  •  Activating Leadership

AIESEC teaches how to handle different situations and how to make decisions for the welfare of all members. By delegating responsibilities to the members and encouraging them to deliver exchange experience, try to develop the leadership potential in each of them.

  •  Demonstrating Integrity. 

AIESECers take responsibility for words, choices and promises.Every decision is made based on a very important value.

  •  Acting Sustainably

Every decision-making considers the needs of the organization and the future generation developmen

  •  Enjoying Participation

Adding joy in every activity and creating a friendly and encouraging working atmosphere makes everyone’s achievements even more valuable.

  • Living Diversity

Interacting with students from 114 countries has given everyone the chance to meet different lifestyles and has taught that communication is crucial among the members of an international structure. As the organization is present on each continent, all learn to see life’s aspects from many points of view and encourage every member in their contribution.

  • Striving for Excellence

For almost 7 decades, AIESEC has been working on improving intercultural connections, managing through its programs to provide young people an insight of what the world itself means. But what is more important, the exchange experience has given the will and motivation to improve living aspects of today for a better tomorrow. This means that the constant will of pushing one’s limits, in order to deliver the highest quality performance. 

Through the Leadership Development Model, it is aimed to develop the AIESECers self-awareness, to adopt a solution-oriented attitude, to be able to express their ideas clearly and to empower other people to take action.

Having the Six Core Values as the basis of one’s behavior and being aware of how they influence not only the work, but everyone’s lives; make us strongly believe that through the actions, we can help each other in developing leadership potential to change our world to a better one.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

– John Quincy Adams-

By Dilni Gunaratne
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