‘ People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic ‘ 
As the above-mentioned saying goes by, it is important to know that no matter how outstanding your products and services are, you need to have strong ,healthy, and influential relationships in the corporate world in order to succeed. Even the businesses that produce quality products and services have failed due to the lack of healthy and positive relationships built with those that matter. Regardless of the industry, you operate in, in order to become successful in the long term, successful entrepreneurs tend to build strong, positive, and influential relationships and expand the network in the corporate world with employees, customers, business associates, suppliers, and everyone that contributes to the continued survival of the business directly or indirectly.

Why is building Business Relationships important? : 

  • Leads to create new business opportunities
  • Offer knowledge, ideas, and support
  • Leads to investing and lending opportunities
  • Brings in opportunities for potential workers, coworkers, employees, and talent pool
  • Testimonials and word of mouth marketing
  • Expansion of network and competitive advantage
  • It helps to improve communication skills and teamwork
  • Business relationships can lead to creating new relationships and friendships other than in the business world
A Harvard study has found that 85% of professional success comes from people’s skills. Maintaining strong positive business relationships have become a vital facet in an organization’s success. How you approach people, create and maintain relationships, and how you treat others come in handy for all parties involved bringing in corporate benefits. 

How to build influential relationships

How to build Influential corporate relationships? 

A panel of members from The Forbes Business Development Council has shared some tips on how to build long-lasting corporate relationships. 
Actively participate in industry associations. 
Grabbing opportunities to surround yourself with industry experts and having conversations on how to develop the industry will let you create relationships with them. Networking cannot be one-sided, it is needed not just to listen but also to share inputs. 
Connect and give value 
Other than just sharing the business card, taking time to really connect is what brings results. Follow an attractive introduction about yourself and of the company. Be a good listener while at the same time, add value or your ideas to what others mention. 
Discuss common business problems and challenges 
This is one of the most common ways followed in the corporate world in building business relationships. Sharing ideas, thoughts and forecasting leads to set up long term views and create relationships. 
Become a Brand advocate 
Become a Brand advocate by supporting and sharing about the brands you love on social media platforms which will lead to those products and services. This can be done by providing testimonials or sending referrals. This also helps to bring brand awareness to larger audiences. 
Be Proactive in communication 
Try your best to understand the “Why” behind “What” which will make it easier for you to understand their goals and objectives.
Connect with people from outside of your industry 
In order to gather different information and different perspectives, you need to step out of your comfort zone with your industry related people and discuss with people from other industries. This brings in more ideas while also exposing you to wider networks and opportunities. 
Sharing Leads and assets.
In order to gain, we need to give. Therefore sharing is fundamental. If you are willing to share about leads and assets, then the other party is willing to build long-lasting relationships. 
Intend to establish trust
Whether it is a friendship or a relationship, everything is based on Trust. Establishing trust leads to closer relationships between the businesses which will be benefited in the long run.
Team up to offer products. 
Partnering up with organizations that have the best interest of the customers by offering products that will go well together will bring organizational success as well. 
Get to know people.
Build genuine relationships with business figures by interacting with them, following them on social media, and by talking about interests. T Influential relationships his leads to building genuine relationships based on trust.    Just as building a personal relationship, business relationships require time, effort, and investment. It also needs to know that ‘ Creating good business relationships is not a destination, but an ongoing journey’.
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