Importance of Youth Engagement After Covid 19 - Make Awareness about the Current Situation

Importance of Youth Engagement After COVID-19 – Make Awareness about the Current Situation

We, the youth of this country should take some steps to help the current situation. The youth engagement to help the society, country and the world is important. We are now living in a world where 209 countries and territories have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is causing thousands of deaths within a few months. Many countries locked the countries. They closed down most of the offices, schools, hotels, and shops. It made most of the people in affected countries stay at home as the social distance is the key to stop the spreading of this infection. As a result, most of the countries imposed travel bans and curfews. The youth should engage in activities that can help our world face this crisis.

The Raised Issues in the World Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Over the past two months, the world’s biggest stock markets have turned red. Even though the world has faced an economic crisis earlier this has been unlike any. According to the economic experts, this pandemic has already seen the market full by a third in just one month. That made this a unique economic crisis. The modern industry relies on goods and materials crossing borders. When they can not, the production around the world is at serious risk. It is going to take a very long time for them to rebuild their supply chains. Economists are still trying to grapple whether this is a V-shaped recession (economy suffers a rapid fall but rebound so quickly) or a U-shaped recession (a longer economic trough before recovery) or an L-shaped recession (a long term recession). 

The Rising Issues in Sri Lanka Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

Importance of Youth Engagement After Covid 19 - New Inventions

Importance of Youth Engagement After COVID-19 – New Inventions

We, Sri Lankans, rely on goods and materials from other countries. Due to the situation around the world, we will not be able to get the goods and materials from the affected countries as we did earlier. As a result, the lack of essential goods and materials can become a problem in the near future, especially the lack of food items. Furthermore, the companies in Sri Lanka will start to face losses due to the lack of customers around the world. Disagreements between races or religions can be reasons for future disputes between groups of people. 

How Should We Act as the Youth in Sri Lanka to Lessen the Issues Which We Are Going to Face in the future

Importance of youth engagement - planting food

Importance of youth engagement – planting food

To prevent the lack of food in the country all the people of the country should start to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices in their gardens. Youth have started movements earlier which were hugely popular and successful. Even this time, the youth of the country can start a huge movement that can lead the country to flourish. They, the youth can do that by simply growing food. Furthermore, we can help the government to get foreign investments through new equipment which is designed and manufactured with a minimum price. They can be helpful in the future we need more foreign investments to help the economy of Sri Lanka. Even though the decision lies in the hands of the members of the parliament we can do what we can do to help our country.  Due to the economic crisis, many disputes can come up soon as well such as the lack of employment, lack of materials, reduction of salary, raise of taxes and fees, etc. Understanding the situation we, as the younger generation, should educate the public using social media to prevent the spread of disputes in the future. During the current days, the authorities should encourage young people to self-employment by designing, manufacturing, being innovative, etc. This can help the young generation to develop their entrepreneurship and creativity. Youth should be broad-minded and innovative to help our country. That can help the rest of the world to climb above from where we fell.
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