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Our Impact since 1995

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Newest Global SDG-Based Projects

SDG-Based Projects


The Conference aimed to create a knowledge-sharing platform for local and international Youtubers who wish to discover new arenas in Youtubing

Edu Kids

This project was initiated in order to uplift the English speaking skills of under privileged children who needs special attention.


This is a project based on conserving aquatic environments and resources of Sri Lanka by educating young minds regarding this.

Switch Off

Project Switch Off focuses on energy conservation and creating public awareness about renewable energy production in Sri Lanka


We are aiming to empower Sri Lankan women and girl children. We believe that uplifting a woman's life builds a nation's future


This project is aiming to develop the skills and talents of kids who are born with special abilities (down syndrome, hyperactive, mutes).

Beyond the Ability

This project aims to uplift the lives of the differently abled, children and adults diagnosed with Autism and Down Syndrome.


This project was initiated with the intention of addressing the vital issue of inequalities of clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Sri Lanka.

Bleed Green

As global environmental degradation and climate shift are boiling down to local level, as a youth leadership organization, we take action.


Our goal is to identify issues and threats related to Sri Lanka's coastal ecosystem, find solutions for them and take corrective actions.

Ripple Effect

Project Ripple Effect was initiated with the vision of enhancing the lives of Sri Lankan underdeveloped communities.


This Project was implemented to educate people around the coastal areas , regarding the Rapid Degrade of the Marine Environment.

SDG-Based Events

World's Largest Lesson​

An initiative created by Project Everyone in partnership with UNICEF to teach young people and children about Global Goals

Youth Speak Forum

The event empowers young people to understand their contribution to SDGs and to the society through short and powerful talks.

Lesson for Future

This was initiated as an awareness program to educate school children about public safety during the covid pandemic situation.


Global Village

Global Village is a cross-cultural platform for diverse culture to communicate and understand each other.



Amplifier ’21 is Sri Lanka’s first ever island wide leadership development program conducted by AIESEC Sri Lanka.

Career & Skill Development


Provide corporate exposure to the youth and show how to best utilize their skills and qualifications for any career they pursue.

Leadership Development

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