The recognition for content creation and consideration of it as a prospective career path is gradually increasing nowadays. The value given to the content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram by companies, Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities, is increasing. IGTV ( Instagram TV ) is a stand-alone app and an app that can be used in tandem with Instagram. It is one of the most powerful tools that enhances one’s content and audience. Further, the limit of 60 seconds for videos is not imposed in the new app. Thus, the users are capable of publishing videos up to 1 hour via the web. This helps the users to promote their content easily.

Moreover, IGTV is designed for mobile-optimized viewing of high-quality long-videos. They are displayed in the portrait mode, which is the ideal format to watch the videos on mobile devices. Platforms such as Instagram are best suited for posting things as they happen. However, this platform is expected to be used as a platform that publishes complete and well-thought-out content. Since the content needs to be of high quality, IGTV does not allow the users to upload things as they happen. 
Moreover, both the apps, Instagram, and IGTV, are fully integrated even if they are different apps. Thus, IGTV broadcasts videos from the accounts you follow on Instagram. It relieves the user of the burden of having to follow them over and over again. Hence, it is clear that IGTV is a powerful tool that can go a long way in the social media world.

IGTV is a powerful tool that can go a long way

IGTV is a powerful tool that can go a long way

Post Teasers and Sneak peeks

IGTV is capable of arousing curiosity. In other words, the audience can have a taste of what’s coming in the future. The cherry on the top is, the content creators can reuse the previously published videos and give it a new twist! IGTV allows posting small clips of the existing content on Facebook or other platforms. It is very easy and convenient for the creators. It leaves content creators with a wide array of options. 

Get closer to the audience with Tutorials, Bloopers and behind the scenes

IGTV is a versatile and powerful tool that is capable of promoting products and increasing the engagement of the audience. IGTV allows publishing 1 minute to 15 minutes videos with mobile devices and 1-hour videos, in case you are uploading it via the web. This allows the creators to post more informative and planned-out content. Tutorials, Bloopers, and BTS (Behind the scenes) are some of the creative ways to win over a new audience and raise brand awareness. A lot of celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and influencers use IGTV for this purpose.

Raise awareness and share your thoughts

IGTV is capable of raising awareness regarding social issues and causes that people are passionate about. Also, it allows to post reviews and share thoughts and interests. Hence, IGTV has become the newfound best friend of Entrepreneurs, influencers, or anyone on the Internet for that matter. 

In addition to that, IGTV allows the creators to include links in the caption of the video. This allows them to direct viewers to their pages or to collect new leads. Also, it allows them to include CTAs (Call To Actions) regarding their causes and interests.

IGTV is the newfound best friend

IGTV is the newfound best friend

Moreover, AIESEC Sri Lanka posts small sneak-peaks from the #Leadershipisallabout podcast series, partnership videos, volunteering experiences and a variety of other videos on IGTV. It arouses curiosity and provides them with a chance to use the existing content to reach a new audience. Further, AIESEC Sri Lanka posts exclusive content for the youth and like-minded organizations. This allows us to increase engagement and easily reach the target audience.

In a nutshell, from the above-mentioned facts, it is seen that IGTV is a powerful tool that can be used in order to raise awareness regarding brands and social causes. It also allows us to reuse existing content and to create a new audience. IGTV is a simple user-friendly platform to view mobile-optimized and high-quality long videos. This app allows the creators to enhance and promote their content.

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