Potentials and opportunities are two different words with distinct meanings. But if we consider the extensive meanings of these words there is an underlying connection between potentials and opportunities. Simply opportunities are the paths that support individuals to achieve their dreams. In the modern world there are a massive number of opportunities, and these are valuable chances for successful individuals to improve their lives. 

Most of the time the opportunities are not obtained by only successful people as opportunities can lead them to triumph as well as to failures. Many people are reluctant to face opportunities as they are frightened about the failures and its consequences. But remember the failures are the best lessons that we can gain through opportunities. Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” and according to that quote an opportunity is strongly connected with difficulties ,and only if we try to face the opportunity will we be able  to come up with the most valuable solutions. 

There are many valuable advantages that individuals can gain through opportunities. Among them, identifying one’s own potential and using it for growth and development is one of the key advantages. The word potential means the skill and the will to develop and perform at a higher level in future. But the problem is the potential is a priceless treasure like gold and it’s hidden within each person unless everyone tries their maximum to identify their own potentials no one will be able to take the maximum use of it.


Throughout our lives this world will serve us with multiple opportunities but we don’t know whether those opportunities are the best suited ones for us. There is only one method to identify it and it’s facing the opportunities and recognizing our own potentials. After identifying the potentials each and every individual can use those potentials for the development and growth of their lives. 

Opportunities are like encyclopedias to our lives as we can learn more about our inner selves from them and the potentials that we recognize can be used for self-actualization. According to a motivation theory introduced by Maslow, self-actualization is one of the important and valuable needs in a person’s life. When self-actualization is successfully achieved the personal goals can be defined by individuals according to their purposes. As Aisecer’s we also have taken the opportunity to identify our potentials through this global organization and can be used for the development of society and the whole world. Keep in mind that “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”.

Naduni Rathnayake
AIESEC in University of Colombo

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