“Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds”. – William J. Clinton

Volunteerism is one of the most selfless acts that one can get involved in as a human being. In fact, without volunteers nonprofit organizations will not be able to achieve their goals or fulfill their missions. Volunteerism has the power of “changing the odds” while discovering one’s full potential. As a result, most of the employers around the world are interested in recruiting volunteers. Also, the ability of providing one’s time and expertise through volunteering can make an immense difference in the world and within the respective communities. Therefore, it is a great way to build professional skills and find an employment.

Since volunteering usually encourages someone to work in diverse and challenging environments, it provides the opportunity to develop new skills which are related to a career. For example, organizing events and fundraising efforts help to develop the project management skills which are highly demanded by the organizations when recruiting employees. Similarly, volunteering requires the ability of working in groups leading and coordinating the team members which gives volunteers the skills related to team management. In some instances, volunteering is a successful way of improving your sales skills, second language skills public speaking skills and people management skills. All these skills are highly demanded in the world of work and therefore volunteering can increase your chance of being recruited.

Volunteering is a great way for you to meet new people and establish new connections. You can meet people with similar interests who are coming from different social and professional backgrounds and expand your network. Consequently, the connections and friendships that you get to make as a volunteer are comparatively stronger. Therefore, you can keep a list of contacts which include the members of the staff, board members, clients, other volunteers and suppliers and reach out to them whenever you need.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the core concerns of a company. It is considered as a factor which can increase the company’s stakeholder interest. Therefore, when recruiting employees the employers will prioritize the candidates who have been volunteering because they are renowned for their capacity to be invested in realizing a specific goal and passion of serving the community. It can definitely improve your chance of being recruited.

If you are still not convinced of how volunteering can increase your chance of being recruited, the statistics obtained by the below-mentioned researches and surveys will wipe all your doubts away. A LinkedIn survey has found that 41 percent of hiring managers view volunteer work as equal to a paid job. Another research shows that 81 percent of hiring managers feel volunteer experience is valuable and 60 percent of them see the act of volunteerism as a valuable asset when making recruitment decisions.  Moreover, according to research done by the Corporation for National and Community Service of the USA, potential employees who volunteer have a 27 percent better chance of being recruited than people who don’t volunteer. 92 percent of human resource executives agree that contributing to a nonprofit can improve an employee’s leadership skills thus increasing your chance of being recruited.

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