Content marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on the creation of useful, educational, and relevant pieces of content so that the target audience can be moved to act and become a client. Although originally based on blogs and articles, this type of digital marketing is not limited to text. It can use a variety of mediums and distribution channels. Podcasts and videos are examples, and websites and social media can also serve as distribution channels. A real example of content marketing is this article you are reading.
Concept of content marketing

Concept of content marketing

Marketers tend to think optimistically when planning their strategies. However, things can happen that are beyond the marketing team’s control. A global crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, an internal crisis, or some type of disaster can occur, at which point the plans have to be altered or reconsidered. When dealing with a crisis, content teams have to be ready for rapid change as it offers new opportunities for their growth. So, with everything going on, your content strategy should be structured for maximum impact during this crisis. Content marketing is your most powerful tool during a crisis. Through strategically-designed efforts in areas such as blogging, email marketing, and social media, your organization can maintain its brand awareness and provide its audience with the reassurance it needs. Thus, here are some tips that will help you to keep your content marketing strategy alive during a crisis.

Creating new content in times of a crisis            

Today the needs and the wants of the audiences have been altered. When it comes to creating new content during a crisis, marketers’ sole focus should be on work that is genuinely helpful to their audience. During times of crisis, there are many ways to approach new content creation. Some that directly address the unique environment at hand and others that look to complement the new patterns of behavior that are emerging. Crises are unpredictable by nature. Thus, what was valuable to the audience today may be irrelevant by the next day. To provide helpful content in a crisis, marketers should be prepared to evolve their strategy in line with the shifting needs of the audience.

Recreating your voice and tone

The beauty of content marketing is that you can speak on behalf of your organization in its voice. That voice might need to be adjusted during a crisis. Channel a tone of empathy and sensitivity. Relate to what your audience is experiencing and send the message that you understand; you’re here for them, and you are a presence of calm and consistency amid what can seem like chaos. Above all, remain calm and composed and try to be as clear as possible, since that is what customers need at such a time.
Content marketing the midst of a crisis

Content marketing in the midst of a crisis

Quality content over quantity

Whatever content you do put out during a crisis should focus more on being helpful and of high quality. You do not want to post too much at a time, especially if it isn’t relevant and you know your audience has other things on their mind and perhaps not the time or are in the right frame of mind for what you have published.

Be empathetic and sensitive

When writing content, place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think about what they are going through and how it might be helpful to the audience. What would they find disrespectful or irrelevant during a crisis? What information would put them more at ease? Remember to be sensitive as well. A crisis might affect certain industries, trades, and professions worse or in different ways than others. A content marketer should always ensure that you are careful with your wording, messaging, and imagery. During this time of crisis more than anything else the audience needs answers. Having those clear answers handy can lead to certainty, and certainty leads to more customers choosing you. Therefore, it is necessary to offer content that helps the reader adapt their routines and seek solutions to new necessities. While none of us know what will happen or what the future holds, knowing how to manage your content marketing including messaging, social media posting, and website ensures your success.  
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