If you are on the look for an internship opportunity, you might not even think of applying for a foreign internship right away. But in today’s competitive job market, having foreign work experience is one of the things that will make you stand out among others.

Here are the ways how foreign internships can boost your career prospects and benefit your journey throughout this modern-day professional world.


Opportunity to learn and develop noteworthy skills

Have you heard local interns always complain about how their work is tedious and dull and how they are continuously assigned monotonous tasks? Well, this problem will not be faced if you go for a foreign internship.

If we contrast the scope of skills that a person will gain from a foreign internship and from a local internship, it’s obvious that the range of skills from a foreign internship is much broader and more enriched. A foreign internship gives you the opportunity to pursue soft skills like communication, social skills, cultural understanding, and adaptation. And hey, you can even learn a new language during your stay in a foreign country.

With the foreign internship experience, you can show your future employers that you are good at theory and technical skills, and you also do well in practical and in-the-field work that you have learned by working with internationally renowned employers.


It is a value-addition to your CV

Among other wide range of positive aspects, the value addition you get for your CV is one of the most attractive benefits that a person will get from a foreign internship. An applicant with foreign work experience will definitely stand out from others, as global exposure is not something that employers will often come across in CVs. This gives an extra boost to the CV and increases your chances of getting your dream job.

On top of that, you can also get references from your foreign employer to include in your CV, which will surely impress future employers when you are on the job hunt and even make you open for international careers!


Helps to build a global network

You can take the first step in building up a global network of friends by taking on a foreign internship opportunity. This comes with meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds that will give you the perfect opportunity to build a network of colleagues and employers on an international scale and widen your view of the world.

These lifelong friendships might even come in handy in creating business relationships that will help you to advance in your career and achieve your professional goals.


Challenges you to push boundaries

Let’s be honest, working as an intern in a foreign country sounds exciting but also challenging at the same time. Most of us like to stay in our comfort zones and stick to the routine activities that we do on a daily basis. But through an overseas internship, your eyes will be opened up to new opportunities, different trends, cultures, systems, and practices that will give an immersive global experience that is impossible to get locally.

This global exposure surely will put you two steps ahead of your colleagues and is a nifty way to impress your future employers.


Wide range of fields to choose

You have the opportunity to select from a wide range of internship opportunities from different countries. As the scope of fields covered in foreign internships is broad, an intern can choose an opportunity as per their liking and follow it to a successful career path.

We in AIESEC provide you with a wide range of opportunities along with our assistance throughout every step of your internship journey. Whether you like Marketing, HR, Designing, Sales, Engineering, Web Developing, or even Teaching, we got you covered!


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It takes courage and determination to move out of your comfort zone and to say yes to a foreign internship. It may seem challenging to work in a completely new environment, but if you go through with it, you will never regret the decision you made. Besides, you can fill two needs with one deed by checking travel and work experience both on your to-do list by trying out an overseas internship!

So hurry up and grab the opportunities we provide through AIESEC Global Talent and AIESEC Global Teacher to witness your dreams become a reality.

By Dulni Wedage
Showcasing Team – AIESEC in US

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