‘Trees exhale for us. so, that we can inhale them to stay alive. Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.”

Planting trees is a commendable initiative that contributes to the overall well-being of the environment. AIESEC in University of Kelaniya initiated a remarkable project called ‘ Green Force ‘ on the  09th of August 2023 in collaboration with the program ‘Thuru  Kepakaru’ focusing on Sapugaskandha Sobhitha Vidyalaya and Dharmaraja Vidyalaya. 

Hoping for a positive change.

School students of these two schools planted hundred tree saplings through this project. Also, the project ‘Green Force’ awarded the students with valuable certificates with the hope of motivating them for environmental conservation. Moreover, the mobile app ‘Thuru Kapakaru’ is a good initiative to monitor the planted trees constantly. Hence, this is an authentic step of AIESEC in University of Kelaniya towards a greenery planet for future generations.

Sustainability is Fundamental

The project ‘Green Force’ is committed to make sure that the planted trees live a long time and are healthy. They keep track of each tree’s development using the mobile app ‘Thuru Keparuka’, assuring the correct upkeep and care. This constant dedication represents the all-encompassing sustainability effort of AIESEC in University of Kelaniya.

Community Engagement

AIESEC in University of Kelaniya recognizes the importance of engaging the community in its effort for environmental sustainability. School students are the future who have a crucial role in this green movement. Accordingly, the enthusiasm of students for a sustainable environment can be increased through their involvement in such tree-planting activities and instructional courses on environmental awareness and tree care.



AIESEC in University of Kelaniya partnered with S-lon and News First to further the effect of this effort. These partnerships broaden the program’s influence beyond the organization and reach a broader community.



Hope for the Future

AIESEC in University of Kelaniya hopes to organize more projects and continue engaging a broader community in environmental conservation efforts.

Dedication of hundred plants to mother nature by AIESEC in University of Kelaniya is proof of the value of environmental responsibility, community, and education. By planting hundred trees through the project ‘Green Force’. Consequently, this represents the university’s commitment to building a sustainable future. Accordingly, AIESEC in University of Kelaniya is planting seeds of hope for a greener and healthier planet by fostering the growth of these trees.

Let’s all join together to commend AIESEC in University of Kelaniya and ‘Thuru Kepakaru’ for their outstanding efforts in improving the world through the straightforward act of planting trees.


Written by

Aisha Mumtas

Content Writer

AIESEC in University of Kelaniya

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